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  1. Just read that they wanted to extend Andy Irvine's contract and he turned them down opting to go to the third tier of German football (Turkgucu Munchen).
  2. This thread could get a right boost come the League Cup group stage Any premiership team not competing in Europe should definitely qualify from the League cup group stages but Hearts don't have a good record there.
  3. I fully agree with you for the need for a strike and a goalkeeper. RB might be covered with Patterson and to be fair, Clarke has done a decent job. We've got to consider that if this championship had happened last year, the likes of Gilmour would not have featured and its evident by the game against England that he will be important going forward. We lost the midfield last night and really could have done with sacrificing a striker to add another midfielder to try and gain control there. Probably should have played McTominay there with McKenna / Gallagher / Cooper going into defence. I wonder if playing turnbull as an option there as well might have given us an alternative attacking threat we were missing. Reflecting on the campaign, we lost 5 goals in the two games against the Czechs and the Croats, which we were never going to get any result with our strikeforce, so there is work to be done there. 1st Czech goal was a good cross and header, 2nd Czech goal was poor positioning by Marshall 1st Croat goal was poor marking, as was with Modric's goal (he had far too much space at the edge of our box) Their third goal was a great cross and header but why we didn;t have someone on the post I don't know
  4. Do you think you have it within you to get yourself positive?
  5. Not unlucky at all. we simply were not clinical enough.
  6. It’s his persona. Post anything negative about SevCo, he’ll be there to defend it. He even hates people referring to them as SevCo.
  7. UEFA have already announced no away fans before the groups, so surely down to local levels as the risk for decisions. You can be sure this decisions is with the cheeks in mind
  8. “Applications could be made on a case-by-case basis to swell that, as was done for Hampden's Euro 2020 matches.” You can bet your bottom dollar the cheeks will be asking for increased numbers so we should too.
  9. Surely we should canvas for more than that. Outside spectating. If they allowed 6k into a Glasgow fanzone, we should be allowed similar at the very least
  10. Settle Westhill min. Hearts are indeed added value in comedy terms
  11. This guy is actually called Nick Gurr. Why would you call your son that?
  12. Or allows Ramsay another year to develop into our permanent right back
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