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  1. If he goes back to MLS, whoever signs him will have to pay NYCFC a fee (probably very small).. something by like a finders fee or discovery fee. If he signs with NYCFC then obviously it doesn’t matter. Anything outside of MLS then the whole rights thing doesn’t apply. It’s only for MLS. They do this with their academy players to give incentives for good development and academy programs. NYCFC did not put him through college. The NCAA is the governing body of university football and is entirely separate to the academy system. To play in college you have to be an amateur. It’s illegal for any pro club to pay a player during college.
  2. U.S. university level ‘soccer’ is very far from professional level football. I’m sure he could be an excellent signing… but make no mistake this is a massive massive jump in standard, way of life, etc, for him. It’s hard to put into words just how big of a jump it is from university football to professional. The vast majority of top university players in the US don’t even sniff MLS. Not that SPFL is any better or worse than MLS..but it’s an entirely different animal. Just the fact he’s never been a full time footballer scares me a bit.
  3. Washington Post reporting NYCFC academy player, Dante Polvara, likely heading to Aberdeen. He’s apparently an attacking midfielder. Maybe a replacement for Samuels and Longstaff? Gurr experiment didn’t go so well… but no idea what type of role this lad would be in.. or how cheap he is.
  4. Get Gurr off and we can nick a result. Celtic don’t look great but we look like we could make a defensive mistake at any minute.
  5. Such a clumsy challenge from Celtic defender. Ramirez and Watkins are excellent
  6. I’m sure Gurr is a nice guy an all.. but he’s just not good enough for this level. As previous post said, I almost feel bad for him being put in this position. The gulf in quality is just SO noticeable, anyone can see it.
  7. Should never be losing this game. Same as we played them at Fir Park. 2 attempts, 2 goals. Unbelievable
  8. Great player but I’d really love it if he stopped taking free kicks.
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