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  1. Excellent performance. Same performance in the league will get us a great season this year. However… Ojo performed well, no taking that away. But, there are some obvious holes in his game. Hayes at a point in his career now that he’s noticeably slowing. Still a good player though. defense struggles against direct runners. if we could improve these small areas a little bit, we could be a genuinely quality side competing for a champions league qualifying place. Really exciting improvement. Brown, Ramirez, and Jet make such a difference in quality and composure.
  2. Fantastic. FT. Austria Wien 1 Breidableck 1. all to play for, COYR!
  3. Hibs with the eerily similar signing with Mueller from Orlando city. On a free transfer. looking forward to seeing if Ramirez turns out to be the better signing.
  4. Strong signing for Hibs. Massive fuck up by Orlando to let him go for free when they had million dollar offers last year.
  5. MLS reporters saying Chris Mueller, CF Orlando City, has signed a pre contract for a Scottish club once the MLS season is over November. Some speculation it’s us because of Glass and Ramirez. But who knows.
  6. Don’t think that’s entirely fair. For a new club to be as successful as they have been in their young history is impressive. The successful appointment of martino in the first place shows a good structure. They’ve got a load of talented players. mls is a weird league, same teams don’t always dominate every year due to the format.
  7. Glass has publicly stated that he tried to sign Ramirez when he was the interim manager of Atlanta Utd. Nothing to do with Aberdeen.
  8. Jon Gallagher scored the first ever goal at Austin FCs new stadium in Texas last night. Good finish. nice crowd and beautiful stadium to be fair
  9. Brought a US friend to an away match at Kilmarnock in 2019. ended 0-0 with no shots on target by either side… he asked why everyone in Europe liked football so much.
  10. I second this. You can make the argument that MLS is better than the SPFL. Look at their rosters, player values, results against top Mexican teams in concacaf, etc. American style of play is quite physical - as is the Scottish game.. which will suit him well.
  11. Club and media touting him as a ‘US international’ is a bit much… he has 2 appearances. But, anyone called up to their national side and scoring a goal is positive I suppose. More than we can say about our previous signings.
  12. Ramirez didn’t travel to Houston’s away match. Reportedly said his goodbyes to the club on Saturday and “his transfer to Aberdeen is complete”.
  13. I think he has the potential to be a good signing. Rooney and Cosgrove were excellent and we got them for pennies. Showing some initiative to sign a player with a goal scoring record is positive. yes, he hasn’t been in the US national team in the last 2 years; but the fact he has some caps and a goal for his country is a good sign. Is the US national team world beaters? No, but they are no pushover. people saying he hasn’t been getting regular games lately.. possibly fair; however, the strikers in front of him at Los Angeles and Houston are miles ahead of most strikers in the SPFL. not saying he’ll turn out to be a super signing… but we’re looking at new options other than what we’ve looked at for however many years.. worth a try, what’s the worst that happens, we don’t score for months and finish 4th?
  14. another few outlets confirming now too. https://m.transfermarketweb.com/transfers/mls-houston-dynamo-christian-ramirez-set-to-join-aberdeen-215339
  15. Houston Dynamo reporters saying on Twitter that they will be receiving 250k transfer fee, plus performance incentives. Also saying Ramirez will be taking a medical with AFC on Tuesday. for a striker with some international experience, I’d say not bad. I thought it was going to be much higher of a fee. Edit: is it possible we paid more and MLS get a portion? I know they own the contracts… not sure how they do things
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