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  1. Side note - that celebration from May was bizarre. Giving it to little kids and old mannies in the corner.. almost laughable if we weren’t so pish.
  2. Fact is Ramirez wasn’t in the starting XI for Houston in MLS. Idk why everyone is expecting him to be a hero.. he’s a decent player; nothing more. He’s shown he can score and play some nice football - he’s also shown he can be pish. This is why he’s in the SPL and not starting for an MLS team. Personally I think he could succeed here. But idk what people are expecting; most of his goals for his entire career are within the 6 yard box. He’s not going to create - he’ll finish some - he’ll miss some. Just like every other SPL striker. also, Houston are sitting bottom of MLS.
  3. Why do we continually play the ball up the wings.. there are miles of space in the middle of the park, yet every time we get the ball in the middle we pass outside instead of drive up the middle. Makes me insane.
  4. Lucky saints haven’t played any long balls over the top
  5. Disagree - only player that’s had a decent touch. He’s the only player that we can play through the middle of the park.
  6. Took some time to think about the game.. I don’t think all of this is on Glass. As a manager, I’d expect my CHs to defend a simple cross or deal with a long ball. They couldn’t. Motherwell offered nothing going forward except a long ball and a floating cross. The fact both of those turned into goals is a joke. i expected some bumps with our play due to the new style… but a bump is not the ability to defend a ball in the air for Christ sake.
  7. Our CHs have just played SO bad. You can fairly critiqe Glass; however, the players are equally to blame. Defending a cross or a long ball is not the Managers fault. Now if he continues to play McCorie over Bates, then that’s the managers fault. But even then… our other CH has been abysmal.
  8. Brown had a good game yesterday, without him we’re totally lost. ferguson is not worth our asking price at the moment. Probably would excel in a better team to be fair though.
  9. What a punch in the gut. I would like to say we’re clearly the better team- but probably more accurate to say clearly better players.. not team. horrible horrible defending. Nothing to offer in the final third. not really a negative person, but hard to see anything else than negativity on this. Ramsay is great. Good on the club on his development - but he should be out of here sooner rather than later. Hopefully for a nice price.
  10. We’re still doing the same thing that we did under McInnes.. pass side to side. we have nobody that will receive the ball in midfield and drive up the middle.
  11. It’s like our squad has never played together… running into each other MULTIPLE times.. no sync at all.
  12. Continual nice buildup, but when we get to the edge of the box it’s like their brains short circuit.
  13. Simple cross..no whip or dip to it; just straight up horrible defending.. no other way to put it.
  14. I am worried about Ramirez. I’ve watched every game this season. He works hard, no doubt and can finish chances… But he’s not really getting many chances.. however Ramsay and McKenzie are giving decent service. How is it that Ojo is always the one missing chances in front of goal? I’d expect Ramirez to be in those positions. I haven’t really seen him create his own chances.. which I expected more of.
  15. Unbelievable score line at half time (but very believable). we must have between 70-75 percent possession. 8 shots, 4 on target? Something like that. Doesn’t count two sitters that couldn’t be finished in front of goal. on paper we have a great squad. And you can see we are FAR more talented.. but we aren’t a team right now.
  16. Tbf anyone on the pitch could score these types of chances. Haven’t seen Ojos replayed back.. but I think it’ll show he should’ve scored.
  17. Watkins free header inside the 6 right at their keeper. Miss from Ojo, decent save from a good Ferguson shot. they didn’t even touch the ball for the first 15 minutes.
  18. Dominated the first twenty minutes.. undone by a long ball that we can’t defend and a cross we can’t defend.
  19. Jesus what a joke. 2 free headers inside the 6 yard box within 2 minutes.
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