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  1. https://twitter.com/TimesRadio/status/1541739774138105857?t=R17JpnAPK688ywQG5ulzAA&s=19 Ooft ugly this Such a shame
  2. For someone who I'm guessing would hate to be called a misogynist, you sure hold some opinions in that direction consi old lad.
  3. Let's start with the assumption of my voting intention. You've made one. Honestly, it's akin to trying to punch fog talking to you, it's like you wilfully ignore what's said and make up your own reality. Let's clarify You said the mandate was undisputable. I showed how it could be disputed. You said the majority of Scots voted for pro Indy parties They demonstrably didn't. You said well having a parliamentary majority is the same thing. It's not. I have a couple of questions for you: If a party gets elected with a manifesto and over the course of the parliamentary term do not deliver every election promise contained within it, can I sue for breach of contract? Can you tell me the last time an snp msp voted against the Scottish government in parliament?
  4. You just say things don't you. Words and meaning matter. Maybe not to you per se but in general. For the avoidance of doubt, I've not said whether she does or does not have a mandate, I have said it's something that can be disputed and I believe I have evidenced that. "If the majority of Scot's vote for a party that want independence, that's a mandate for that policy. " They didn't (and if I was being a pedant, we'd have to ask all the people called Scot to find out.) So how does that impact on the undisputed mandate that you claim that Nicola Sturgeon has... So she gets up and says This is my bill Sarwar or Ross or both say it's not the will of the people you got less than 50 percent of the vote with your partners in government. She goes I have the votes here, the bill will pass. Fuck you. And Lorna slater has a nap cos she's not able to do more than one thing a day. Or words to that effect. That's how a parliamentary democracy works. I appreciate that being brought up in Scotland at a time when we don't have a functioning democracy, more a dictatorship means this might not be recognisable to you.
  5. Less than 35000 in the constituency votes, but I'm not sure you actually wanted an answer.
  6. There's no inconsistency from my perspective. You said : The reality is, she has a mandate. That's undisputed. Whether I believe that parliamentary election results provide a mandate or not is not the point at hand. Whether it is undisputed is. Which is your position. As the parties who make up that parliamentary majority (plus alba) did not receive the majority of the votes cast, does a minority of votes equate to an undisputed mandate. Many would disagree.
  7. Still no response to the safe guarding aspect.
  8. I would not redetermine mandate. Its hard to get an exact number on it cos I have no idea about the constitutional position of the fringe parties like the Scottish family party or ukip. However, the record turnout resulted in the 3 main independence parties gaining less votes than the 3 main other parties in both constituency and region votes. So does that constitute a mandate, which as you've stated cannot be disputed? We're talking about a minority in the last parliamentary election in Scotland.
  9. Can you point to the mandate? Cos I think you'll find that it is very much disputed by many parties in Scotland. If the snp hold a referendum that is not legally binding, it will be carnage, as the independence side would win a huge majority on a smaller turnout by far than 2014. The messaging will be don't vote in this from those who oppose separation. Never really understood the reluctance to use separatist, always sounds cool when attached to Basques and eta.(terrorist tho they are)
  10. I always find it interesting that it's don't vote one way because of Nicola Sturgeon or Alex Salmond in 2014 yet it's. Vote for independence cos Boris is a wank. Jumping through hoops to justify a position.
  11. Not to pile on but you are all over the place here. You talk about a lack of empathy but you are clearly showing that towards women (biological) in not backing them. Why is it men are telling women that they have to accept an entirely male driven set of circumstances? Misogyny? Fuck the patriarchy I believe t swift sings... Science is not difficult to understand. There is an inherent advantage to going thru male puberty that gives these athletes an unfair advantage later in life versus natural biological women. I notice you didn't address the safe guarding part of my response.
  12. I have no idea if there is an inherent advantage gained from going through male puberty in the 'sport' of skateboarding. I don't see a desire to see girls / women given a fair opportunity as bigotry. Going through male puberty puts an athlete at an enormous biological advantage over going through female puberty. In the sports where this has been a hot topic shall we say - swimming and cycling, it's a ridiculous state of play. Lia Thomas for example still possesses male genitalia, should 'she' be allowed to change with biological female swimmers, some of whom, will be underage. But in terms of performance. 65th best swimmer in NCAA men's prior to transition 1st in NCAA women's, beating an Olympic silver medal in the process. Come on that's not a fair contest. Amazing that trans men don't seem to be tearing up men's sports...odd that. Create a third and fourth category for trans athletes. Simple .
  13. Nope. Not had a drink in months. I just find your spamming of the board with annoying guy in the office chat to be exactly that annoying. Tedious. Like I say. And I don't think I'm alone in that. Be better.
  14. You read the s*n That makes any opinion you hold null and void. Reading material of the brain dead
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