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  1. Are we finally turning it round? If so I will take back my criticisms of SG.
  2. The wee Nip has all the moves. The laughable authorities will do nothing about his antics for the green arse cheek though.
  3. Happy with the result and the 3 points. Not before time though AFC.
  4. The rot at football clubs always starts at the top.
  5. Positives=Training facilities Negatives=Too many to mention
  6. Aye they will come back as Bar$elona.
  7. He just doesnt have"it". Not having "it" has been the most consistent thing about his reign of terror as Aberdeen manager.
  8. Shows you he hasnt a clue if he did guys like Gurr wouldnt be near AFC. Just wondering how much influence Atlanta UTD have on Cormack's decision making, the Hernandez thing looks like player laundering using AFC as a berth to hold him. If that is the case then Cormack and his puppet should be chased.
  9. Yip it all rests on Cormack and his baffling approach.
  10. If our standards were what they should be Glass would have been sacked by now. 20 odd years of Milne "ambition" and now coming on 2 years of Cormack have made the club also rans/tin potters sadly.
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