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  1. Probably lives in said bin as well by the looks of him. #huntramp
  2. If he doesnt he would be as well leaving. We are a Milne-esque shambles yet again.
  3. Thank fuck for St Johnstone and Dundee otherwise we would probably be getting relegated from the top-flight for the first time ever.
  4. Went for a sizeable fee in England as well I think. Talk about pissing money down the drain.
  5. Is Cormack really worth the hassle? Only positive I can see is the training complex, everything else has been a disaster. It is not like he has just taken over either, he has had two years since replacing Milne and we have gotten steadily worse. Cormack out!!!!!!
  6. Pele Paterson vibes about Jim Goodwin, least Pele had an excuse being an alcoholic an all. Too big a job for him methinks. Swiss Tony has got Milne's knack for picking up mostly dud managers. Dreading next season under this lot of imbeciles.
  7. Red Ted wins the Alex Notman loanee of the year award.
  8. Just pandering to the orange bigot weirdos who follow this pile of shit new club.
  9. Mini huns arent that great our shite has beaten them twice this season and drew with them at Swinecaste park.
  10. You are not Stewart Milne by any chance are you?
  11. Still got that horrible cheapo clunky Milne era club badge. Bring back the badge in my avatar.
  12. It is all on Eintracht Frankfurt now to stop these vile cunts.
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