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  1. “Not ready” ”project player?. Bollocks. He’s 26 in a few weeks. He’s played about 2 professional games in his life. He’s never going to be ready to play at our level. He’s not a project player due to his age & the fact his contract is up in 7 months. He was a ridiculous signing from the outset.
  2. The huns did that with Collum two seasons back after he sent off Candeais at St Mirren. He never referred SEVCO again that season.
  3. Chick Young allegedly supports St Mirren, and even more comically Jabba supports Airdrie, which to be fair is one & the same.
  4. To put that in to context, the only other option is Jack Gurr.
  5. Correct. Been banging that drum for years. Why aren’t other clubs, or proper journalists asking that question of the SFA? In England the referees are asked who they support, and are banned from their games. Mind you the hun bastards like Beaton, Madden, Dallas, McLean etc would lie & say Queens Park or Partick… even though Madden used to be a member of the East Kilbride Hun cunts supporters club, or Beaton being photographed in a hun pub in Bellshill on the night of the same day that he refereed a Glasgow Derby, in which he didn’t send off Morelos for two separate stamping incidents on Ralston & Christie. It’s cheating in plain sight, yet the clubs let the SFA away with this.
  6. Can’t see him bringing in a young defender. Did he not hint against that in his pre-match blurb? If he starts with a 3 I think it would be Brown in the middle, with Bates & McCrorie either side. Ojo (possibly Gurr but unlikely) & Hayes at wing back?
  7. 5-3-2 Lewis Ojo Bates Brown McCrorie Hayes McGeough Ferguson Hedges Ramirez Watkins 5 defenders injured, Beaton ref, Dallas 4th official, the “Walter Smith effect”. 4-0 the scum
  8. Thought that record went on Saturday against Hibs?
  9. You’ve tried this line about 6 times? Your act is tired As are your attempts to be “edgy”
  10. Dundee 2 - 1 Ross County Hibs 1 - 2 Tims Livingston 1 - 1 Dundee Utd Motherwell 2 - 2 St Mirren SEVCO cunts 4 - 0 Aberdeen St Johnstone 1 - 2 Hearts Aberdeen 1 - 1 Hearts Celtic 3 - 0 Livingston Dundee Utd 1 - 1 St Johnstone Ross County 1 - 2 Hibs St Mirren 2 - 1 Dundee Motherwell 1 - 2 SEVCO cunts
  11. Referee on Wednesday? John Beaton, a known hun. 4th official? Andrew Dallas, a known hun. Only in Scotland
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