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  1. I’d rather my ears were painted on than listen to those bigoted mongs
  2. McCart has 12 months. You’re confusing me… why bring McGrath into this when talking about McCarthy?
  3. Rotherham bid £100k, apparently St Mirren want £200k. Think I’d rather we went for Jamie McCart for that money.
  4. The Tims are a shambles, especially in defence. They are vulnerable but surely they’ll bring in a new keeper & another 2 or 3 defenders. Edouard will go too, so fucked up front. This is the best chance we’ll have to finish above them in years if we can bring in a couple of quality players.
  5. To me it was like a 4-4-2 diamond Lewis Ramsay McCrorie Considine Hayes Brown Hedges Ojo Ferguson JET Ramirez
  6. Watching that useless cunt Barkas is like watching me when I reluctantly had to take a turn in goal at the 5’s. Fucking hopeless. At £5m is there a worse buy in Scotland ever?
  7. No. white with black & gold vertical thick stripey one
  8. Because maybe he’s the only one of the three that’s been touted as a possible 3rd striker
  9. Carthorse. A fine replacement for another carthorse, Porteous.
  10. I’d he could run, he’d be at a higher level than the Dons. Has everything else, strength, passing, skill, just not very mobile & will struggle to last 90 minutes. He was excellent for 65-70 last night then faded.
  11. I’ll assume Ojo is injured. McCrorie pushed in to midfield, Gallagher in defence. Thats all I’d do. If we’re looking good after 60 minutes then sub off players with next Sunday in mind.
  12. Nah, too many changes. Start strong & if the tie is in the bag, make wholesale changes from 60 minutes in. Remember we’re behind Dundee Utd in terms of games played so going as strong as we can for 60 minutes won’t do any harm.
  13. He was injured. Looked like he was holding his calf. Fair play, he played well bearing in mind he was in an unfamiliar position for him.
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