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  1. Agree. Been good the last two games to be fair, & did well in two or three at the start of the season. Sod all in between.
  2. He’s never really done that in his entire career That’s probably due to his laid back attitude & also the way he plays. The flicks, back heels & often harder passes are high risk, so 8/10 won’t come off. And if they don’t come off, you’re a man down on the pitch.
  3. Are you talking about when Jenks got barged over? It’s seems an unwritten rule in football that it has to be “more” of a foul in the box to get the decision than it does anywhere else. … Unless of course you’re Beaton, Dallas, McLean or Madden at Ibrox.
  4. Aye, we need a decent run. Previously two or three decent results have been followed by a poor run. To convince the doubters, the next two potentially difficult away games at St Johnstone & Hibs would be a good place to start to quieten the doubters (I’m one) some more.
  5. I’m waiting and seeing. We got a bit carried away at the start of the season. We seem to roller coaster with Glass. Two or three good results are followed by four or five poor ones. We’re so inconsistent.
  6. I think today has absolutely guaranteed Stephen Glass gets the January window now & see how we improve things from there.
  7. Nice one. Didn’t see a comfortable win coming so easily. Scoring the 3rd right after they pulled it back to 2-1 seemed to kill it. Some decent play in horrible conditions.
  8. Just because I think there’s too many women appearing in football? STFU you tit
  9. JET playing well. The way he plays the game, he’ll either be brilliant or horrendous, because of the flicks, tricks & clever passes. Those kind of things are risk/reward. Would rather have JET in the team than a brainless McLennan for example.
  10. It’s been coming. We’ve been slack as fuck EDIT - thank fuck
  11. Got a bit slack in the last 10 minutes. WTF are the red shed doing with their phones?
  12. Nowhere near offside. He was a yard on & it came off the defender.
  13. Same starting X1 as Wednesday. Only change in the squad is Gallagher being back on the bench.
  14. Being asked to review a penalty claim for the opposition in the 87th minute at the Bastard Garden? The game in Scotland is undeniably not on a level playing field, & never ever will be as long as the cunts at the SFA allow huns to referee the huns. It’s long since last the time when ALL the clubs need to go as one to the SFA & tell them it’s no longer acceptable.
  15. He got injured (hamstring I think) in his very first training session with them. Might have heard that on RED TV
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