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  1. £30,000 for Shinnie. Hmm. https://the72.co.uk/260002/wigan-athletic-see-bargain-30k-bid-accepted-for-derby-countys-graeme-shinnie/
  2. We offered him the pre-contract and we would have offered St Mirren a deal to get him in this window. Then some offers came in from England and that was the end of that.
  3. Nail on head. That's the only answer we have.
  4. Don't think it says much of anything at all. The loan signings were, at least in part, to cover the loss of players such as Ferguson that we didn't go on to lose. Now we've signed another midfielder so why do we need the loan players?
  5. It's amazing the deep levels of meaning some fans can extract from loan signings.
  6. Interesting. Somebody from outside of Scotland, could be promising... one of the big complaints from fans is that our signing policy has been lazy, mostly only signing known quantities in Scotland. This seems to show us again casting the net a bit wider. The other big complaint is that we've signed bad or mediocre players - on that front only time will tell.
  7. I'm reasonably pleased with our recent results. I like it when we win games.
  8. Maybe a bit of bravado, because he never looked confident on the pitch where it matters. Looked lost and nervous. I seem to remember him making a decisive contribution in the Dundee Utd match when he came on. The only thing I remember about him was that he didn't like to play the ball on the grass. Don't trust anything he might have to say about the rest of our squad.
  9. I blame Cormack for that. There seems to be a core group of people at Aberdeen FC, Cormack among them, who want the manager to succeed.
  10. Can we all just stop pretending than any of this has been guided by science? Pandemic restrictions are guided by political fear and the exercise of political power. They make it up as they go along and hope plebs like us will fall for it. Also, Nicola has a giant stick up her arse when it comes to football and football fans. 3 jags and vaccine passports and she is still sticking it to us. She's a sour-faced lying cunt and that's all there is to it.
  11. What do you mean by "go along with"? As opposed to what?
  12. He stayed too long and had seemed to just accept our lot. If you have ever lost a friend or relative to a progressive disease you might know that for the longest time after they are gone it is hard to remember who they were before their illness. It comes back eventually, but it takes time. I think for now we are remembering McInnes the disease rather than any qualities he might have had before he became the problem.
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