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  1. That will NEVER happen. After we lost 5-0 to Portugal in 93' we were going to make root and branch changes. We never did. Why? Because change is hard and the SFA are lazy, incompetent and corrupt.
  2. Not sure, I very well could have misread it, but I thought the way he said hopeful implied that it was less likely than likely.
  3. Agreed. Talking of strikers quite enjoyed when Kenny Maclean said something along the lines of "if we'd had the quality of a player like Schick in the last third it would have been a different game".
  4. Not sure we were. History would suggest otherwise. The biggest challenge for any Scotland manager is that they are operating under dinosaurs at the SFA who run our game like a members' only country club. In interviews Clarke never fills me with any real confidence, but in terms his approach I do like him a lot better than most of our recent Scotland managers. He seems to want us to play football. I also like the fact he came from Killie rather than having a Tims or Huns association. I think that's positive for Scottish football.
  5. Ah, I thought you meant final squad selection, not the starting line up. Yes, Che looked an effective player for us.
  6. I noticed that while Robertson had the ball played to his feet that O'Donnell was asked to chase balls played over the top. Now maybe there is a reason for that but it meant he was chasing the ball rather than receiving it.
  7. Schick made a point of saying he'd seen Marshall off his line earlier and had made the decision to do it if he got the ball. Class act. From the sounds Clarke's interview Tierney won't be back by Friday. Of course, that could be gamesmanship from Clarke.
  8. Can't agree with this. Clarke seems far more open to changing the squad than the aforementioned. My perception of his work so far is that he is also more open to playing guys in the Scottish leagues who don't play for the old firm. If there are players who should have been in before the guys who made it I'm not sure who they are.
  9. I honestly don't think England will hammer us. I think it will be tight. Thought we were very weak in the final third (better with Che) and not very incisive on the right flank. Steve Clarke was right when he said the sides nullified each other in midfield. Scotland players at times played the game too much like fans and not enough like footballers. We were fancy when we didn't need to be and almost had a few clangers. We were better in possession in non dangerous areas and not so good in dangerous areas. All in all the Czechs managed us well today. Also, dinna get the hate for female commentators. Thought the Women's Scotland coach (forget her name) made good points.
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