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  1. He could easily have celebrated properly without going to the stand and aggressively sticking it to the fans. He had 2 years left on his Dons contract when we let him go home to Saints. As far as I can tell we did the cunt a favor.
  2. He's not done. You're in complete denial of reality. Please, keep up this count of, "Days Cormack has done nothing!!" I'd like this to become an ongoing daily update if possible.
  3. Of the signings we've made the only one I am especially concerned about is Gallagher. Perhaps Gurr after his lackadaisical second half performance at Raith Rovers - but I don't think he's going to get many games. Are the rest of them poor players? Not as far as I can tell.
  4. Did he? Milne is a thick cunt. Cormack's a fair bit brighter than him.
  5. True. It was a simple observation rather than an in-depth critique.
  6. I think there are quite a few posters on this forum who are absolutely desperate for Glass to fail just so they say they were right to pish their pants before a ball was kicked.
  7. Glass isn't going anywhere this season. We're missing Hedges. We have a lot of midfielders but few willing to run with the ball. It was a boring/frustrating game and a bad result.
  8. St Johnstone games are typically pish. No change there. We didn't look great, but we also didn't look in danger for most of the game. We seem able to retain the ball but without doing enough with the possession. Even the crappy teams we play currently seem more incisive with their possession. The urgency doesn't seem there. Bit bewildered by Stevie May's celebration to the Aberdeen fans. Joe Lewis looked to get down a bit slow for May's shot. Over critical? Not really confident in Joe anymore. A game to forget.
  9. What was with that celebration to the Aberdeen fans? Were we that much of a cunt to him?
  10. I knew you were talking shite, but now I know that you know you're talking shite.
  11. He constructively suggested that he'd almost be raging if Ramirez scored. I think if we all raged when Aberdeen players scored we'd be in a much better position. Also, if we booed the team as they came on the pitch that would surely motivate them better. Another positive change could be celebrating opposition goals. Yas min!!! Get in!!!!
  12. Not seen Bates play yet. If I were Aberdeen manager I would know what parameters had been set in terms of how many players I was allowed to sign and what my budget was. Since I am not Aberdeen manager I don't know any of those things. It could be that I'm not happy, but that Cormack had told me I didn't have the budget to bring in more players. It could be that I'm not happy but we didn't manage to secure the players I wanted and that they didn't want to come. It could be that bringing in some of the people I wanted was contingent on moving some players out. It could be that I thought we had exactly the right personnel in place. I really don't know. Do you?
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