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  1. Just cos the rest of them are shite doesn't make the SNP good.
  2. Its not surprising. The very middle class women who run the SNP (the sort you might typically expect to trip over in a fancy west end cafe enjoying their coffee and fancy pieces) have never made any great effort to hide their utter contempt for ordinary working class men.
  3. I think I just turned to the wrong page in a choose your own adventure book.
  4. That Wycombe Wanderers forum was weird. Just a bunch of people talking about football and being nice to each other.
  5. Perhaps the thinking is that once he's through the door it will be easier to hold on to him. Just speculating, but if Starfelt makes a full recovery and soon, the chances of a perm deal might increase.
  6. Looks like a good deal for all concerned.
  7. Obligatory Brechin friendly confirmed.
  8. Thank fuck. Was fed up of that international pish.
  9. A lot of people are saying similar, but I can't understand what the actual embarrassment is. Maybe just a little too concerned with what others think.
  10. The handling of the AC/JG spat worries me a little. Reminds me a bit of when Mark McGhee came in and kicked out Jim Leighton as GK coach. Started his tenure on a mean-spirited note.
  11. Believe that the truth will come out in time.
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