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  1. Thank fuck that's it for the season. A big summer, but today's positives going into next season are: Barron definitely has it. I'm interested to see Polvara - I think he has a chance with a full pre-season. Fingers crossed that Harvey consolidates a 1st team squad place - very good at youth level, he's a decent size and looks to have a turn of pace Monifuckingdons
  2. Ref's a fucking spacker. This cunt's been incompetent with us before
  3. Forest have been a right good watch since Cooper came in the door. Play a back 3 who are rock solid and McKenna has strolled through every game I've watched
  4. Green cunts 2-0 Motherwell Hearts 1-2 Blue cunts Ross County 2-1 Dundee Utd Aberdeen 2-1 St Mirren Hibs 1-1 St Johnstone Livingston 2-1 Dundee
  5. Shoulda let the the cunt decide himself if he wanted ho fly hame rather than give him permission. Then sued the cunt for breach of contract. Cunt's nae coming anywhere near Aberdeen again in his puff. Fucking lightweight
  6. Dundee 0-1 Hibs Dundee Utd 0-2 Green cunts Motherwell 1-2 Hearts Blue cunts 3-1 Ross County St Johnstone 1-1 Aberdeen St Mirren 1-1 Livingston
  7. If there's substance to this, and nae doot something's up given his squad absence yesterday, the best of luck to the laddie. There's no doubting he has the technical ability to play at top level, although I think he has some way to go physically developing - a top level club will give him best facilities to get there. Credit also to AFC who seem to have not stood in his way over this, it's now down to him and a bit of luck avoiding any bad injuries. I hope he now goes on to have an outstanding career at the very highest level
  8. That's just fucking incredible fae Madden
  9. Green cunts 3-1 Hearts Hibs 0-1 Aberdeen Livingston 1-1 St Johnstone Ross County 2-1 Motherwell St Mirren 2-1 Dundee Blue cunts 1-0 Dundee Utd
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