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    And minus a cock, obvz. Fantastic set of pins, auld steffers
  2. He must be some kinda physiological freak. At 36 he's still skinning every other cunt on the pitch and I canna mind of him ever having any notable injuries
  3. Aye well, there's the rub. As I said during and after Czech game that's the difference.
  4. All to play for against Croatia. Solid performance, still lack a clinical edge and showed up England as being short of a top quality side. Credit to Clarke and the squad.
  5. It's set up nicely for an upset. Mon the sweaties
  6. Fucking hell - players and pundits singing pop songs on BBC coverage. The sooner they stop tailoring fitba coverage to women the better. Still, Alex Scott in some fetching faux leather breeks
  7. Nicky Walker. Aberlour native, shite keeper and hun reject to cap it all off. We signed the cunt too
  8. Fuck off with that nae-neck prick Forrest. And the spazzie lower league keeper - cunt's nae played a top end game in years
  9. There's the difference though: Supposedly 'average' European side (IMO I thought they looked decent) 2 chances, 0-2 and game over. Scotland 2 chances, blew them, still 0-2 and game over. Again, no criticism of Clarke or the squad but there's simply not the quality there for this level. Onwards and upwards - let's see some career-enders on the English fannies Friday night
  10. Surely that's the point - you say we have a 'good team' but you allude to Czech Republic having players at bigger European clubs. FWIW - I dinna think Clarke or the squad could do much better (notwithstanding starting 11 revisionisms), but the fact remains that we're outclassed at this level. Fair fucks to them for effort but it's a long way off a positive outlook
  11. A fair bit away from being a decent side at this level IMO. That's no criticism of Clarke or the squad - we're just not good enough in most positions. It is what it is for now
  12. I think she's a lettuce licker. Cooking her significant other's tofu - get yer point
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