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  1. Aberdeen 0-1 Hibs Celtic 2-0 St Johnstone Dundee Utd 2-1 Motherwell Hearts 3-0 Dundee Ross County 1-1 Livingston St Mirren 1-2 Huns
  2. Alex fucking Miller took some shit on his inevitable way oot the door. To this day I still can't get my head around Milne's thinking on hiring that cunt in the first place
  3. Maybe no, but I'd hope tonight has rubber stamped that decision in the boardroom and they're sussing out the options now, if not before now. If he doesn't, we're in the biggest hole in the club's history. As an AFC fan and Aberdeen born, I'm reasonably sure Cormack would read that as his legacy and as his failure and do the necessary before it's irreparable
  4. Goodwin was the right choice for me when McInnes was sacked. I think he's the right choice after Glass is inevitably sacked
  5. Correct. Naive appointment by Cormack. Surely to fuck he sees it for the fuck up it was and rectifies it ASAP rather than letting it become any more farcical than now
  6. Hibs 2 - 0 Dundee Utd Motherwell 0 - 2 Celtic Huns 2 - 0 Hearts Ross County 1 - 0 St Mirren St Johnstone 2 - 1 Livingston Dundee 0 - 2 Aberdeen
  7. Haha! Never a truer word
  8. Bovril crisps were ace. Discontinued nae doot
  9. He was pish 1st half, caught out of position and continually making the wrong decisions in possession. Marginally less pish 2nd half mainly because his errors were less high profile than his 1st half errors. Nae doot Ramsay would have similar troubles starting out at that level but for me there's nae question Patterson is out of his depth at full international level. Certainly for now
  10. Dundee Utd 1 - 1 Ross Co Hearts 1 - 1 Motherwell Livi 2 - 1 St Mirren St Johnstone 1 - 0 Dundee Aberdeen 0 - 3 Celtic Sevco 2 - 0 Hibs
  11. Dundee 0 - 2 Sevco Hearts 1 - 0 Livingston Motherwell 1 - 1 Ross County St Mirren 1 - 1 Aberdeen Celtic 2 - 1 Dundee Utd Hibs 1 - 1 St Johnstone
  12. frankie_mac's_4


    A million different factors to argue if yer going doon the economics route. But aye, uncle Sam opening up a North African / European front rubber stamped it was tits up for the Reich's Western front. But I think failing to take the Caucus oil fields the writing was already on the wall for them. Withoot question the Russians did the heavy lifting militarily. If you're talking individuals -Dode Zhukov hat-trick and man of the match
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