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  1. Howard Marks


    That's COP26 over. Time to consider further measures/restrictions.
  2. Howard Marks


    Boost me gently brother.
  3. My understanding of the club's stance is that there is no limit but because the "expected" number of spectators are below 10,000 then the covid papers aren't required. Basically exploiting a loophole. Have the club actually come out said that they have capped the attendance at 9,999?
  4. That's a shame. You seem alright, although you appear to have anger management issues.
  5. Absolutely spot on. I've no time for speeders. The constant need to try and justify their bad driving is pathetic.
  6. Got my ticket for this one. I'm very very confident.
  7. Speed kills. If you're caught over the limit you should get a mandatory 30 day prison sentence.
  8. Howard Marks

    In The News

    Love Ken Barload.
  9. Howard Marks


    Stay safe buddy.
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