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  1. But would you eat a Curry off of David Currie?
  2. I've just seen a sneak peak of the new kit. It's a cracker.
  3. This is the same BBC Scotland that will show live English Women's football on a Sunday afternoon at the same time the Scottish equivalent is happening all over the country.
  4. Howard Marks


    Quite enjoyed that video. Cheers loon.
  5. Howard Marks


    Miss you Miss Pandemic.
  6. Howard Marks


    Just close the schools, ditch exams and give the kids artificially high grades again. #thoughtsandprayers
  7. Pig's Wings. Discuss. Mental prices for rolls, burgers, hot dogs and "loaded" fries. It's okay to fleece the general public though because they are a local family-run business. Seems they've got a hardcore customer base who'll keep drinking the coolade regardless. I think it's a bit Emperor's New Clothes, particularly with their amateur hour social media. More power to them.
  8. Howard Marks


    They just can't let it go. Holding on to every last crumb of power.
  9. The next managerial appointment will shock you.
  10. I think the non verbal term some of you guys are looking for is "implied consent" which is regarded as consent in Scots Law.
  11. Howard Marks


    Test. Test. Keep testing. Negative and have a runny nose? Keep testing. Still negative? Keep on testing. God forbid you might actually have the common cold.
  12. Howard Marks


    Stop complimenting her.
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