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  1. I guess only saving grace, is after the international break we go to playing every week rather than twice a week. Team might be able to handle that better.
  2. Actually spoke quite well there. I liked him when he was fully fit - hopefully can get back to that, although looks highly unlikely.
  3. No pace going forward. When we break, the player on the ball has to wait for people to catch up.
  4. Aye they’re much better than us, but we’ve got tactics wrong. Have been too open. And absolutely need to do some serious work on this defence. Need a starting centre half in ASAP.
  5. Just can’t fucking defend. They need to fix the defence.
  6. Happy with this. Could link well with Ramirez.
  7. Conditions were awful, ref was awful. Think we just need to say fuck it and move on to next week happy that we’re only a goal behind. Absolutely need some more additions to the squad now though!
  8. Pitch is a bloody disgrace. How the fuck is that allowed?!
  9. After being so dominant in first half, that’s an appalling performance in the second. Squad certainly not strong enough. Need a few more bodies in.
  10. Need to learn from this - we need another option up front and another centre half.
  11. Aye Gurr good first half, shocking second half. Felt he should have been subbed right after he should have been sent off when we made the other subs.
  12. Thought Gallagher was doing well tonight - maybe a niggle, or maybe Glass might prefer Mcrorie at centre half when we’re going 4.
  13. Just concentrate on playing as well as we can in the next game. Do that and see where we are at the end of the season.
  14. They spent the game trying to kick the shit out of our players and are saying we were physically strong?! Could have easily had at least a player sent off if ref had been a bit more consistent. Ramsay and Burr got booked for absolutely nothing!
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