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  1. RedArmyFakshun


    Aye min that's one of the very best. His wife, Larisa Shepitko, directed one of similar stature, The Ascent https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0075404/
  2. Now thats crying out for a thread Saturday night at the Holburn West
  3. RedArmyFakshun


    EU countries need to join Hungary's veto, and say fuck von der Leyen and fuck Biden. That will certainly happen but i fear it will be too little too late as Biden wants to drag NATO into this before the mid-terms.
  4. RedArmyFakshun


    Remarkable how long the Azovstal snipers have managed to hold on to their football stadium Satellite view of frontline: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1V8NzjQkzMOhpuLhkktbiKgodOQ27X6IV&ll=47.09796454157728%2C37.62252877477199&z=17
  5. Up against a top quality side tonight.. cup double winners last season Funjo Ojo must be in with a shout for the captain's armband We can look forward to next season with confidence
  6. RedArmyFakshun


    Biden's gonna pay for your crashed Shaktar
  7. RedArmyFakshun


    On May 8, Pushilin visited Mariupol together with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin. According to him, they also visited the Mariupol commercial port, where "work is in full swing." He noted that more than 400 employees have already been accepted to the port. “In May, as planned, the first products from the republic will be shipped through the port" https://www.tellerreport.com/news/2022-05-08-pushilin--the-first-products-from-the-dpr-will-be-shipped-through-the-port-of-mariupol-in-may.SJywhNrLq.html
  8. RedArmyFakshun


    At least you visited Russia before Russia visits you, comrade ! Its pish though. "Western officials have speculated". Russia intends to continue to conduct the most dull and boring offensive possible. No one wants the USA getting their usual dramatic false flag to save the dollar
  9. RedArmyFakshun


  10. RedArmyFakshun


    The media war is relentless, but the actual war has been over for weeks. Russia will walk into Odesa by autumn and control the entire coast, but there is no hurry. By summer the contracts will be awarded and the Chinese will start rebuilding all the steelworks in Mariupol. All the outcomes from here on in will be dictated by the east. The EU already knows this.
  11. Sadly two of the Mighty Diamonds have just died within two days https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory/members-reggaes-mighty-diamonds-die-jamaica-83868751 here's one of their very best
  12. RedArmyFakshun


    The virus remains successful. It has become both milder and more infectious as previous coronaviruses have always done. Whether those accepting repeat vaccinations have issues with future variants via antibody dependent enhancement remains to be seen.
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