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  1. Channeling Deek.. i'd say there was a lot to like about the way he went about his work
  2. RedArmyFakshun


    While it seems to be accepted that covid infection is more likely to cause blood clotting than the vaccines Vaccine-induced spike proteins can also interact with ACE2 receptors causing inflammation leading to clots
  3. RedArmyFakshun


    If this rodeo all comes to an end after two jabs then i'm a monkey's uncle
  4. RedArmyFakshun


    the trouble is with the mainstream media, not the covid vaccines themselves the vaccines are fine for the elderly to take a punt, but a great many of us have natural immunity from prior covid infection, and that's a strangely taboo subject in the media no one is demanding antibody tests be made available, cos punting vaccines as the only show in town is big business
  5. RedArmyFakshun


    I'd agree its nonsense. People have died following vaccination but not necessarily because of it. VAERS / EudraVigilance data for adverse reactions could be useful over time, due to the preponderance of cardiac issues and blood/lymphatic disorders, but same rules apply
  6. RedArmyFakshun


    Database of all HCQ COVID-19 studies. 307 studies, 226 peer reviewed, 257 comparing treatment and control groups https://c19hcq.com/
  7. RedArmyFakshun


    true that eugene - additionally the vaccines don't qualify for emergency use IF there is an alternate effective treatment eg. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine which is why the western media suddenly no longer talk about India, now that they routinely use these
  8. Assembled a pinball cabinet with arcade buttons wired to a controller board for flippers and nudging 22" HD monitor in portrait mode, and a MiniPc with Ryzen chip in the box All the classic Williams, Bally and Zaccaria tables from 70s to 90s Right on
  9. RedArmyFakshun


    hearing reports from up the road that the midge clouds are avoiding double jabbers
  10. supermoon bizness everyone going nuts round my way nearly 2am on a wednesday night and its bedlam out there
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