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    Think the guy got his stats from the Office of National statistics.Double vaxxed myself,but not getting a booster.Looking at alternative preventatives and treatment
  2. Laichomoray


    What do you make of this? https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/vaccinated-english-adults-under-60
  3. Second half was all a bit meh,after getting back into it,albeit luckily with the pen. Livi mid week at sub zero Pittodrie. Hud me back!
  4. Power off at Edzell.Pal coming up to take refuge.Power off at my brothers at Lossie for the last couple of hours
  5. Cracking walk that,pretty sheltered fae wind by the hills,(if you avoid funnell effect )
  6. The Laroch? Planned trip to Glencoe this w/e lookin' unlikely
  7. Laichomoray


    Aye seen that,pretty good. If this guys stats are true,no wonder mandates are being protested https://www.bitchute.com/video/M6G4n5b2Wmuy/ Doctor compares new Pfizer jab with Ivermectin
  8. Could go any way.Goals aplenty maybe Utd 3 - Dandies 3 (Bates x 6)
  9. Nae sure about your Queen comments but aye to Paul Weller.Good with the jam,but got worse with age.Fairly managed to mangle 'Wish upon a star'...an already ropey song
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