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  1. Has anyone actually seen Sone and his sister together ?
  2. I tried La Chouffe in Amsterdam a few years ago. Belter.
  3. sheepcrooky


    Agreed and myself and wife have had 2 jabs. The vaccine is very effective and ICU/deaths are now extremely low. The point of self isolation is all political.
  4. sheepcrooky


    Coming over Wednesday on the Aberdeen to Malaga flight. I’ll just isolate when I get back. Life’s too short.
  5. Just completely bizarre given how much was paid for him and how many international games he has played.
  6. sheepcrooky


    Can a woman be called a cockwomble? If so, she is up there.
  7. Watched it in the pub. Five minutes before the game, my pal put on £20 @ 25/1 for Gilmour to be MOM. Result.
  8. FFS, we’re not getting snow in June are we?
  9. Getting taught to swim. Which basically consisted of the cross eyed bloke chucking you in and following you with some sort of grappling hook in case you really were drowning.
  10. sheepcrooky

    In The News

    https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/crooked-ladbrokes-cashier-22-paid-24301310.amp?__twitter_impression=true The only way @Dad would win.
  11. sheepcrooky

    In The News

    https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-somerset-57411205.amp 3 miles into the round Britain walk.
  12. Archie Simpson’s are doing walk ins only, so very likely to be hoaching. Just want to make sure I watch the game in a pub somewhere. Agreed, it’s a bit of a cunt, but I can see a lot of folk getting turned away.
  13. Can’t see Gallagher or McKenna starting. Back 4 likely to be O’Donnell (groan), Hendry, Hanley and Robertson. Got a table booked on Monday at Blackfriars and a day off. We simply have to win our first game at home versus the weakest of our three group opponents. 1-0 Scotland.
  14. At garage getting new tyre. Completely flat after running over a nail. Those reflate foam canisters are the business. Inflates the tyre well enough to drive to ATS.
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