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  1. Celtic 2 v 0 Hibs Ross County 1 v 0 Motherwell Hearts 1 v 0 St.Johnston Livingston 2 v 1 Dundee Dundee Utd 0 v 0 St Mirren Aberdeen 1 v 0 Huns
  2. sheepcrooky

    Thread O Twitter

    Is there normally a camera/phone at eye level on different angles in the pubs you frequent Consi? Seems very contrived. We may never know unless one of the punters is on here.
  3. Why do you honestly post on an AFC chat site? Your love of the huns, whilst still trying to be holier than thou is just fucking boring.
  4. Alfie fairly getting stuck in. Getting a straight red. Good stuff.
  5. https://www.afc.co.uk/report_nostats/u18s-young-dons-produce-brilliant-finish/ 3-3
  6. She looks about 2 feet tall. I think you would struggle for a rear ender at that height.
  7. When the studs hit the shin And Durrant’s career’s in the bin That’s a Simmie.
  8. sheepcrooky

    Thread O Twitter

    There can be no way that is not a parody. Surely even Oz/Abo’s are not that stupid. Wonderful viewing though.
  9. sheepcrooky

    In The News

    Unfortunately no pics so the Hat can decide if he was right.
  10. Bus from Bridge Of Dee Meet up in Bells/Balmoral Lounge or The Grill Cupids, Hayloft, Betty Burkes, Barney Rubbles Occasionally down to Jamie’s at the beach Chipper from Geno’s Marvellous.
  11. sheepcrooky


    Starmer should of rocked up in a party hat and a carry out. On queue, the rest of the opposition benches should have cracked open some cans and Buck’s Fizz. That was such an open goal to completely rip the piss out of Boris.
  12. sheepcrooky

    In The News

    https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/fast-food-youtubers-chair-breaks-25913070 Fat bastard.
  13. sheepcrooky


    No. I have said before my contempt for politicians who take the piss, from all parties. Johnson leading is akin to a buffoon leading a stag night. Good laugh, but out of control and everyone follows.
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