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  1. C’mon min. I stay in Cove as well, June has been fantastic weather (aye okay, maybe today looks damp and cold though).
  2. sheepcrooky

    In the News

    “After the alleged assault, the boy told his friend what happened, who told him to ring the police”. What is the world coming to FFS.
  3. To be fair, the weather in ABZ in June has been astounding. Sunny and warm almost everyday this month. But, enjoy your hols bud. Can’t beat getting away from it all.
  4. To be fair, the wifey’s tennis pretty decent right now. People can multi task.
  5. sheepcrooky

    In the News

    What a read. Keep it up chaps (and chapesses) (and any transgenders). Marvellous reading.
  6. It wouldn’t be the most shocking signing though. He’s a damn good player and sevco could afford his wages no problem. He is also well in the hun category of being a cheating diving tosser. Plus it would allow them to sell and replace Kent who they need to cash in on soon.
  7. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/9076235/celtic-adam-montgomery-loan-premiership-st-johnstone/?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=ScottishSunSportTwitter&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1656403339-1 Quickly checked it was not us. Thank fuck it’s the farmers.
  8. Don’t think they really matter on an online forum. Unless you have a voice activated keyboard of course.
  9. sheepcrooky


    https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/ukrainian-refugee-who-ran-brit-27328345 Who would ever believe that some bloke had fallen for his Ukrainian refugee after just a couple of days. (Would).
  10. That’s way too kind. I hope he drops dead this afternoon.
  11. sheepcrooky

    In the News

    Jesus H fucking Christ Consi. No-one wins when you get your extreme left politics mixed with extreme right politics. Your numbers are always so fucked up. Please if you want to talk sense, at least research your numbers rather than regurgitate socialist shite. Of couse workers shouldn’t be on food banks and rich folk should pay their way. But not every rich cunt is a tosser and every poor cunt is a martyr. Be a lover, not a hater.
  12. sheepcrooky

    In the News

    Ah no. BAA & Network Rail (or whatever they are called) are haemorrhaging money. Short term inflation is no reason for huge pay rises. Absolutely people need a reasonable increase, but talks of 5-8% are incredibly short sighted and just fuel an inflationary economy. But never mind, power to the people.
  13. sheepcrooky

    In the News

    BA personnel have not lost money from 2019-2022. My daughter (nae pics you cunts) works in ABZ airport and I sometimes help her out in finances. Any cunt who tells you the BA staff are now on less are downright lying. I have sympathy for workers, there is a cost of living crisis going on. But the more cunts that lie about it and spout pish cause chaos to the economy. #cunts #afewcans
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