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  1. Premier sports is just a pain in the arse, surely be a stream for it
  2. Easy to get dragged down when the rest of the time is shite and losing games too. Hopefully the new management team will re-energise him. Miss him being active in the final third and creating something out of nothing.
  3. I see your point, but he achieves these things to a higher standard than highly rated talents in Ferguson and McCrorie, and he is a wee bit younger. He's still got room to grow and feel like recently we've seen him bulk up a bit and have more confidence.
  4. Composure on the ball, passing ability, quite good in tight spaces. Had a very good tackle in our last game too which probably would've led to a goal if he hadn't. He's definitely not the finished product yet, but he offers things that none of our current midfielders offer. Don't get why some seem keen to dump him out of the team, that's not how you develop young players.
  5. Seems like you've not been paying attention to him then.
  6. To that, I'd rather have a specialist striker coach here most of the time, except for international breaks, than not have one at all.
  7. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11789/12257207/allan-russell-aberdeen-in-talks-to-hire-england-attacking-coach This guy is exciting
  8. Different players are finished at different times, have you not heard the Celtic fans talk about their Captain and legend this season?
  9. Aye I was just wondering about the player-side of it all
  10. Aye, some didn't think it was deserved, but doesn't change that Celtic fans have derided him all season.
  11. One point I've heard is that they haven't managed his playing time well at all. We've got 3 young midfielders that we will want to give gametime to as well, so I could see us playing him sparingly, but he'd be at his best when he does.
  12. Purely as a player - Celtic fans have been complaining constantly whenever they see him in the starting line up, is he really good enough anymore?
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