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  1. I don't miss them at all, 8+ years later. Still addicted to nicotine (spray) but know I'll never have a fag again.
  2. Motörhead Bomber Tour Capitol best gig I ever saw, anywhere. Never bought any of their records.
  3. Missed them but Dr Feelgood at the Music Hall were superb.
  4. One man's freedom wanker is another man's mutant so agreement on categorisation would be required. Woke pc types are awful but few on here (but non existent previously). Mutants at least can be interesting but when they're desperate and turn sickboy it's an ugly sight.
  5. Hawkwind in the Capitol weren't good. Didn't see them or Zappa more than the once. Wasn't aware of their reputations for variable quality outputs but the likes of Rory Gallagher was utterly magic every time he came to Aberdeen.
  6. No I don't get that. The deviants is good but not enough richness, character and intelligence overall. The wank, wank, good guy, wank Chewin the Fat sketch proportions are pretty spot on but unfortunately the balance has swung to more thick bastards and internet generation types over the last 20+ years, unsurprisingly given that this is the internet.
  7. Not even a double figure of mutants on here but add in the arseholes, the wankers and the nothings, then we start to get a serious number.
  8. Better than the journey we had over 40 years ago, 4 of us in a Mini from Abz to the Hammersmith Odeon to see Zappa for barely an hour on stage. Cunt. Shit gig. He wasn't interested. Even the weed we took with us - double zero - wasn't worth the extra money.
  9. Didn't see that but this is what I'm talking about. Never tasted chicken pakora in my life and who makes pakora in the hoose? Nae cunt so credibility losses a'wye. Puerile, primary school level.
  10. Depends who's adjudicating. The moozlims think nicking something is worth a hand removed. It may well be a pool cue up the arse as well as lopping off the hand for steak butt wiping, you know how funny they are about sex and relationships.
  11. First LOL on here for well over a week, probably two. Good work.
  12. I bought a meal out tonight, first evening one this year. Monday is alcohol AND food apparently.
  13. Farmer farmer, put away your DDT now.
  14. Ach it wasn't that good but didn't read it all. I was watching the same old video before I worked out that it was supposed to be the text that was the "comedy". Fair play for the attempt, mildly amusing in parts but ruined by too many fabrications and false interpretations. It would be very easy to respond in kind but who could be arsed doing that? 6/10 at best, only 2 for the "comedy" but 4 for having the imagination to try something innovative. Nae bad.
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