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  1. . Again? I am not and never have been a racist or a bigot, so your use of the word is inappropriate. Please feel free, along with your fellow clique members, to provide evidence to back up your slur. If not, shut the fuck up, you boring cunt. For a man/woman/transperson that has hardly posted since registering on the forum, you come across as a sock puppet account user.
  2. You really think you are better than me (and others) you arrogant, hypersensitive, woke prick. I am fucking sick of your unsubstantiated attitude towards me. Watch you don't breach any health and safety at work provisions as you never know what may happen.
  3. You're obviously just cherrypicking specific points in my earlier comments to conform to your virtue-signalling agenda. My comments were non-prejudicial, objective, and reasonable, and covered a whole plethora of potential outcomes. Did not I refer to a likelihood of a white ethnic carrying out the murder or I did I solely refer to browns only? Maybe I've got Charles Bonnet Syndrome as well after all which is transferred to my fingers when typing.
  4. Just had a look at the lad (who I think it is going by his age and where he lived at the time (Dagenham) when recently on his page) on his Facebook profile. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100058727825478 He's a white alright. No doubt, if indeed he is put on trial and subsequently convicted, he'll be deemed to be a person "failed by the system and others" and was experiencing a combination of a psychotic episode and an absence or abnormality of mind at the time of the attack but had no intention of killing the victim. His photographic quotes on FB may form the impression of an unstable mind, although that's just pure shite, used wrongfully in mitigation, in my book. A murderer knows what they are doing, regardless of their mental state, "poor upbringing", "feeling socially excluded", etc. End of. He'll be admitted to Broadmoor Hospital indefinitely under the provisions of the Mental Health Act of 1983. However, I can foresee the media depicting him, whether it be fairly or unfairly, as a white supremacist and misogynist, who is a member of The National Front or similar organisation.
  5. Fair doos. It's always nice to back up a statement with evidence, which you did.
  6. So 26 out of 129 MSPs are landlords? Name them.
  7. Thanks, Poodler min. You're a good loon. Mutual respect to you, Sir.
  8. You are spot on in how proposed motions eventually become law after receiving Royal Assent, whether this is by Ms. Windsor directly or by proxy. You know your stuff loon. I was referring, in my earlier post, to the headline of The Guardian rather than the content of the article, which I never read. However, whilst it seems at bit fantastical what I said in my earlier post, it has been proven in the not-too-recent past that Ma'm can easily be coerced into enabling an action that goes against the concept of our democracy.
  9. Good lad. It never did Marc Almond any harm.
  10. I do a bit of advocacy on the side but on a voluntary basis min (Too many snitches up here would gladly grass me off to the DWP if I did cashers for the work). This generally involves legal work and taking cases of those I'm acting on behalf of to the civil court or the FOS. If I was to hold a seminar/workshop on how to conduct yourself in the workplace, I would say to the attendees don't strive to do your best or work to a high standard. Never trust a boss. Be sloppy. Make on your interested on last night's episode of woke pish like Love Island to be seen to "fit in". Smoke fags. Wear ski-pants with high heels (if your feminine). Most importantly though, do not be ambitious as you'll inevitably end up on the unemployment scrapheap.
  11. If someone (a noble charitable citizen, someone with OCD, or a member of staff) came over to clear your table of glasses, and noted some had lipstick on the rim of some of the glasses, would you still admit they were yours (in order to mould to your tough persona) , Hanz min?
  12. Fuck her ignorance min. She's in the wrong profession. That was reminiscent of the attitude of some folk (yellow, brown, and white) whilst I was in Aberdeen yesterday. There was an endemic of boat people out and about yesterday, arguably more than the natives. Changed cultural days in the fine city it seems since the last time I was through in May last year. It's nae just browns (a percentage of them) that are ill-mannered and self-indulgent. The same applies to all ethnicities.
  13. My interpretation is that the headline is politely inferring that Elizabeth Windsor has been bullied into giving Royal Assent to Acts of Parliament she ordinarily wouldn't agree to becoming law; Callously duped into proroguing our democracy through unlawful closure of political representation and debate in the Houses of Parliament in 2019 in order for the EU Withdrawal Bill to be eventually passed to suit one person's ideology, and; Her signature has been forged in order to pass legislation she would knowingly be against. Symbolic of the tyrannical power, control, and dominance culture we've been subjected to since July 2019.
  14. There was no inference of humour or hilarity in my above posts of the savage slaying of the victim. You are seeing or interpreting concepts that simply aren't there. It appears you have the primary symptoms of the Charles Bonnet Syndrome min. As for I am "an angry, bitter racist", yet more unfounded, toxic libellous defamation against my character. However, I may, for this time only, construe it as a compliment as it is always nice to be thought of. Duck, back, and water spring to mind though.
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