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  1. Did I say or infer I was a victim? Maybe it was my fault that I felt the need to leave/lose my job. Perhaps you know better than me. A sock puppet account @Bebo?
  2. . I walked out of my job at Texstyle World in December 2002 (nae the greatest month to do this mind you) after several run-ins with my idiot of a boss. A horrible, eccentric cunt of a woman who's behaviour would change at a flick of a switch. The second last straw was when she turned round to me and said "the staff are far happier when you're not at work". Nothing like making a member of staff feel welcome and valued. The final straw was a few days later when I inadvertently took home the keys to the storage container one night (I was off the following day). The cow phoned us to ask "have you got the keys?" of which I responded and said "aye", and being the conscientious lad that I am, got the next bus through to Aberdeen. When I got to the store, the cunt snatched the keys from us without uttering a word ("thanks" would have been nice). I walked out the store and never went back again. My only regret was not causing some damage to the shopfloor displays that were made of glass just to make walking out of my job a bit more worthwhile.
  3. The Jerry Kerr Stand is a fucking disgrace. I wouldn't be surprised if it is the same set of rickety seating from the year they were founded in 1910. Scott Muirhead wasn't the worst ever player to play for our club. He had quality and showed that with a lovely searching ball played to David Zdrilic to score the last minute winner against the victims in their own backyard and destroy their long unbeaten home record. As for Butcher being there, may be he was on a spying/scouting mission as he was boss of Motherwell at the time, however they were in administration back then so I presume they were playing united next and he was overseeing their future opponents instead of looking for new players. I was working at Texstyle World on Berryden Road on that Saturday so never made the game. After my shift finished at 5:30pm, when walking down Mount Street, past the old Rosemount Bar (a fine hostelry), towards Guild Street Bus Station to get my bus hame, I heard on my old walkman that Skovdahl was no longer manager. It was a feeling of surprise but did feel he couldn't take us any further as we were fucking shite, and had not long been beaten 7-0 (again!) by celtic at parkhead beforehand.
  4. Ebbe Skovdahl's last game in charge if my memory is richt.
  5. It's always been a thing min. I've accepted it. Life is Life. Different opinions and perspectives make life healthy.
  6. If any professional footballer reads the story and still continues to "take the knee", they should be swiftly hunted down and dealt with in the most appropriate manner. Firing squad, thrown in a venomous snake pit, or run over slowly by an army tank.
  7. I felt sorry for the lad Morrison during the wildfires of early 2000 in New South Wales when he was getting it in the neck from the locals. Fuck me, unless he sparked the Clipper that instigated the fires, it was poor form. However, whether the media portrayal of Australia and their handling of the pandemic is true or not, it appears to be inconsistent and clumsy, to say the least. #BarnabyJoyceIsACunt
  8. Another victim of social exclusion, social depravity, segregation, and poverty, or is she just a pure evil murderous cunt? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10398133/amp/PICTURE-Mother-38-charged-murdering-son-6-punished-freezing-shower.html?fr=operanews
  9. . He wouldn't get into Australia. His visa application would automatically be declined on the premise he's called Jeremy Clarkson. Brian and his mate Scott Morriston would stand not for it.
  10. Appears she either had a heavy session in the local solarium or got burnt in the 50c heat in Western Australia yesterday. She's changed.
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