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  1. It was a culmination of things that led to its demise. The inception of the silly sugar tax, Sangs selling all of their business in Macduff due to it entering administration, and the company that did buy over Sangs deeming the production of Moray Cup not being "financially viable" after years of being one of Sangs' core moneymakers. However, prior to it being removed from production, there was a big media and social outcry about the label of Moray Cup being "racist" and "offensive" (what utter shite!). Next thing we knew it was not longer being made.
  2. It was a lovely tincture, sorely missed. It had lots of medicinal properties all for the common good but due to the hypersensitive, oh so easily offended culture we live in, part of our heritage was cremated.
  3. I'll double check inoo. I'm afraid not. Not a very environmentally friendly way of labelling by using more colours and resources than required. Shame on Pepsi Max.
  4. Pepsi Max having Paul Pogba being depicted on their 2 litre bottles as part of their current advertising campaign (a black man promoting a black coloured drink) but due to its alleged racial connotations you can no longer purchase Moray Cup (famously promoted via the image of two happy coloured chaps enjoying life). Bring it back.....!!!
  5. It certainly was. Some players are so feart throwing themselves at a football, it's excruciating.Take one for team. It's nae hard. Che Adams' attitude to that chance was pathetic.
  6. Fully agree with you. It was purely papering over the cracks of how good Scotland actually were by qualifying through the ridiculous concept of the Nations League. Showed up to be nothing more than decent, a fair to middling European side. If you don't take your chances, you don't deserve to win games. Not shedding any tears at all. The proper stuff starts on the 22nd of July.
  7. Croatia weren't that bad in the first game, arguably were the better team.
  8. Very poor indeed and as brave as a packet of back bacon.
  9. Aye it's a cracker min Here it is....
  10. Poor Mark Sampson. She is a horrible racist cow.
  11. The Czechs to beat the English 13/2. Fabulous value. It's on.
  12. It isna min. Quite a few folk will be dying earlier than they may have done due to this fact. That's why we exhale carbon dioxide as it is toxic and nae to be consumed but all of a sudden it's not given a second thought.
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