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  1. Regardless of his baggage, I would've taken him in a heartbeat (RIP Tony Hart). I am more interested in his footballing ability and what benefits he would bring to Aberdeen rather than the baggage.
  2. If money was put aside to get the likes of JET and Samuels, surely we could've afforded him if we combine the wages of the contracts of both but I may be completely wrong. I did hear the ditty dedicated to that big jughandled fucker. Lovely stuff.
  3. Leigh Griffiths looking very lively. Why the fuck did we not go in for him?
  4. If the boy wasn't good enough for Kidderminster Harriers, were was the logic and reason in the thinking he would be good enough for Aberdeen? Samuels, Ojo, Gallagher, McCrorie, JET, and Ferguson can all get to fuck. Their attitudes are appalling. No hunger, no desire. Complete and utter mercenaries the lot of them.
  5. Ah well, we are well and truly fucked then . (I hope you're doing well, Dad, if you are looking in.)
  6. I dinna even think it's the same person.
  7. Vastly overrated (the Championship down south)I agree with, but this lad has always had talent and would certainly be an upgrade on what we have. Anyways, back on topic Qarabag showed they are not mugs last night.
  8. Good shout min. Adams obviously knew how to relate to Carey and how to get the best out of him compared with the other managers he played under. You can be the greatest manager in the world but if a player thinks/knows you are a prick, you'll never get the best out of him regardless of how talented the player is.
  9. Very tough call but Hayes, when we initially signed him back in 2012, just shades it. However, Carey is a far better and more consistent performer than Hayes today, so if the opportunity was there to sign Carey last year, definitely would have preferred to sign him rather than Hayes.
  10. The likes of him, Kenny McLean and the boy Tesselaar always stood out for St. Mirren whenever they played us. As you quite rightly say, his career really took off when he moved to Plymouth. Maybe he was just pissed off that for whatever reason he never really had stability at any of the Scottish clubs he played for but a change of scenery and a manager that appreciated his talents (Derek Adams if I remember correctly) has done him the world of good and he hasn't looked back.
  11. He certainly did. I've always rated him as a player and remember him scoring a cracker against us via a free-kick. A wand of a left foot and scores plenty of goals for a midfielder. We've certainty missed out on one here.
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