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  1. Joe pike

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    Felt dirty for weeks after.
  2. Joe pike

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    He ran 1 or 2 planes down to every Man Utd home game. Got a freebie a few years ago . Free drink on plane ,picked up and taken to an Italian restaurant before the game. Bus waiting to take us to the match and back to the airport after. Back in Aberdeen by 7pm. Glory hunter but great day. Great match as well 4-3 Utd v City.
  3. Joe pike


    Dundee is now top of the infection league. Any reason why apart from skiving teachers?
  4. He could mix it up with Hedges headband and Sheepcrookys manbag. Add some of Mad Nobbys poofy trainers and he's there.
  5. Joe pike


    Sturgeons idea of lifting restrictions is to go level 0 and that is at least the end of July now. This means no nightclubs and no crowds over 4,000.
  6. That's as poor a German team as i'v seen. Could have played all night and not scored.
  7. I see there was 12 dopes above who actually picked Scotland to win the Euros. Bookies must love them.
  8. Is there a reason Scotland is always unlucky?
  9. I think you will find we never played. A lot of the players did'nt do themselves justice. A few players are just not good enough.
  10. ITV going full woke for their panel. Black Dutchman Black female(Alukos sister) And a Hun McCoist
  11. Is Kenny McLean always as quiet as that? Can't get a word in for the birds.
  12. I blame Sturgeon for letting the crowds back in.
  13. O'Donnel lost his pace years ago.Should never have been near the squad. Is he still at Kilmarnock? Clark picked a McInnes type team and set it up like that. Too many players were unsure what their role was.
  14. Agreed hit it straight at the keeper Still our best player though.
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