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  1. Joe pike


    Makes Sturgeons boast of a few weeks away from eliminating COVID look even more stupid.
  2. Forget that. We have seen your pad.
  3. Did Brazil arrange a nice house for you as a Scottish refugee fleeing the the taliban
  4. They are still funny even if you've watched them loads of times
  5. Would have been subbed early on yesterday if we had anything looking remotely like a striker on the bench. He was honking.
  6. He was the only player who could actually run.
  7. Sure the neighbours who have 200/300k mortgages will be delighted.
  8. I thought Samuels said in an interview that he was a striker.
  9. Don't panic Nobby. Glasgow are taking in a lot more. Sure you can volunteer to help out.
  10. Council are arranging housing for them. Probably need about 40 houses.I think in some cases 2 houses are to knocked into a bigger house. All will be decorated and furnished. Maybe 60/70 kids need a school place. All need doctors,dentists,social workers etc. Adds up to hundreds of thousands of pounds.
  11. Moving on up here. 2 buses full of Afghan refugees arrived in Aberdeen on Friday. 104 in total. Hardly mentioned in the media.
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