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  1. Hey Caledonia Are you going to move to England if Emma Harper of the SNP gets her way and the new Scottish currency is credit cards.
  2. SNP solution to the currency.They must have been listening to Caledonia. https://www.facebook.com/scotlandinunion/videos/snps-emma-harper-msp-on-currency/472909890187193/
  3. He was obviously told to find himself a club during the close season and failed. Thats the only reason he is back.
  4. He’s never been the same since he lost his mate R/S
  5. There are at least 5 hotels being used in Aberdeen for refugees. The Brentwood has about 100. Unsustainable
  6. What does your Granny think Consi?
  7. Sturgeon said today once we are back in the EU we will start accepting as many refugees as possible. Boasting about it. WTF is going to pay for them. The guy with the shitty sheet guesthouse sticking up for you just wants cheap labour.
  8. Standard insults when you run out of debate.
  9. Less houses Lower wages Back to Barista work for you.
  10. Consi you’re the one who has had 2 or 3 options on every subject you have discussed in the past few days. Been all over the place and said sorry about 4 or 5 times after grudgingly admitting you were wrong. Latest being with your trans mates.
  11. To be in the Single market you need to accept freedom of movement und unlimited immigration.
  12. I am already out of the undemocratic EU unless you had’nt noticed.
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