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  1. Crowd trouble in the England game. Police laying into the Hungary fans then retreated when they fought back.
  2. Needs to be black as well.
  3. The last 3 years has been his testimonial .
  4. You stick to perving the under 16 girls teams Poodles. More your style.
  5. You must be in the blue shirt , 3rd from the left.
  6. It's funny how you can get along well with some people then you find out they are Huns and it's always on the back of your mind after that.Never to be trusted. Tims are only slightly below them in the hate stakes. I actually have more hate for NE Huns and Tims.
  7. Scrap the woman's football. They want to be equal in all other jobs so let them compete in men's football if they can. The media is doing all they can to publicise it and pretend it's popular.
  8. Joe pike

    In The News

    Thought rangers died
  9. The point was you criticising Glass again in a Scotland thread.
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