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  1. Indeed. There is much more that an arm can do for you. Mostly because it typically has a hand attached to it.
  2. We had better not see a Paul Hartley style double agent showing from Brown today. He has to remember who pays his wages.
  3. Oh sorry, got you confused with Wicker83. Similar profile pictures
  4. You have obviously deleted your original comment you CLOWN
  5. In and then out again in the space of an hour and a half. What could possibly have happened within that time frame to make you change your mind?
  6. Is he fuck. Huns are pulling out all the old tricks for this one
  7. We were hoodwinked last night. Twice. How long are we going to accept this from Dupeco?
  8. Fucking ROBBED. Blatant cheating for both of their goals, referee is a cheating bastard. We done well tonight and stood up to them. But you can't fight that kind of next level cheating. We weren't allowed to win
  9. Now you're copying Doric to try and defuse the suspicion? Obvious hun, know fuck all about us other than that Alex Ferguson was here once. And the stuff you mentioned equates to a couple of google searches. Nothing more.
  10. I call bull. We all know that's not your natural dialect.
  11. Seriously? Who's sitting over in California etc giving a fuck about what's happening at Dens Park
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