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  1. Same here, I personally think the term "Aberdream" is far more appropriate for the city
  2. The guy is a filthy alcoholic. Absolutely no business managing a national team at the world cup
  3. Deserved to get beat. To busy fucking taking the knee and showing Ukraine how sorry we feel for them. Stupid cunts
  4. Enjoy the world cup Ukraine. Next time it rolls around you'll all be playing for Russia
  5. But sshhh. We're supposed to ignore the huns bastards. How can we when they are shoved in our faces so often?
  6. As our main rivals, I believe the hate they get on here is totally justified. 1288 pages and 38k posts filled to the brim with hatred and insults are far too good for the weegie scum
  7. Fuck off! Fucking GioFANNY acting like an absolute cock at full time
  8. I hate "wee livvy" and the affectionate way some of the arsehole pundits talk about them. Fuck them. But also fuck the people running our club. We just saw last night Derek taking a struggling Kilmarnock side and taking them over the line to a championship title. Instilled some winning mentality, yet that is the man we let go to give Glasshole the reigns. Club is rotten at the top.
  9. Camera zoomed in on a banner with "Granite City Loyal" on it
  10. It's on. Huns players hate an atmosphere
  11. Exactly. People like to bang on about his 77 goals for the huns, whilst forgetting that 38 of them were penalties (most of them soft/blatant cheating). The useless cunt has also missed 9, which puts his conversion rate at 80%. Pretty average for a designated penalty taker.
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