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  1. What a load of utter shite. So you're saying that just because i support Aberdeen I'm not allowed to vote for the conservative party? Even tho i agree with their policies? Do we not rightly criticise the bigot brothers for this kind of thinking? Also, what do the Tories and huns have in common? Whether you agree with the Tories policies or not, they are just a political party. The huns are a bunch of bigoted tinks, thugs and junkies who are a constant stain on society. Not the kind of people who vote conservative, hence why labour and SNP win all the seats in Glasgow and surrounding areas.
  2. Fucking knew they would bottle the cup! What an opportunity this could have been
  3. Fucking pathetic! We had every chance in this cup, then we go and get hammered by these bastards. Is this really what we got rid of McInnes for?
  4. Calling you out as a hun automatically deconstructs any point you have ever made on here
  5. Sickener! Absolute cunts. We gave a good account of ourselves at least
  6. It would be an exciting one for sure. 2 pretty evenly matched teams, both with every chance on the day. Aberdeen to win having knocked out the jute minks next, then the huns in the semi
  7. Huns have already bottled one cup and i think they will do it again. I genuinely think it will either be us or Hibs that end up winning the cup
  8. Inverness beating Ross County and Clyde beating Ayr were both shocks
  9. Thank fuck! Faced a penalty shootout and got through. Time to sit back and see who joins us in the next round
  10. Haha, rookie mistake that one. Yeah, definitely enjoy a free 30 days before getting your money back
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