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  1. I said before that this was our best chance to win the league in a long time. I stand by that, and it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach that our chance is being pissed away by this CLOWN. We got rid of McInnes, but he had a track record of running shite under performing Celtic teams close in the past. I was told by posters on here that McInnes time was done, and that we couldn't afford to miss out on Glass. It was a fucking lie.
  2. Exactly. But because it is so big, it must be done under the right party/leadership.
  3. Exactly my feelings, but with just about everything they stand for politically. I have nothing against independence whatsoever, but I can NEVER back it knowing that we would then be at the complete mercy of all their far left woke shite once they have complete control over the country. Fuck them, and bring on independence under a more sensible party.
  4. Ahhh He clearly said himself that he would not vote for the SNP if it wasn't for them supporting independence!
  5. The point is you lambast the Conservative party any chance you get, whilst championing a party that you only agree with on only one issue. So you don't have much more in common with the SNP than you have with the Conservatives which is the point I'm making. Idiot
  6. Not according to the part i highlighted you clown
  7. Because he is forever shouting about Tories and anyone who votes for/agrees with them every chance he gets whilst bigging up the SNP. Yet when it comes down to it, he doesn't actually agree much with the SNP at all, just a rabid independence lover who likes to criticise everyone else.
  8. So you vote for a party purely because you agree with ONE thing they stand for? Cringe
  9. So you want Pittodrie filled with foreigners who are only there to see one player? I only want locals there that want to see the team/club do well.
  10. What an embarrassing load of shite. I want native Aberdonians ONLY at pittodrie.
  11. I see ConsiCanBoogie fucked off before I could call him out properly for his SNP loving shite
  12. Livingstoners or Livingstoned since Livingston has it's fair share of junkies.
  13. Only from banging my head off the wall in frustration at some of the nonsense that goes on in this forum.
  14. Dross Cunty (as someone said earlier) and Dyingston. Shame Invercesspit aren't in the league
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