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  1. Now you're copying Doric to try and defuse the suspicion? Obvious hun, know fuck all about us other than that Alex Ferguson was here once. And the stuff you mentioned equates to a couple of google searches. Nothing more.
  2. I call bull. We all know that's not your natural dialect.
  3. Seriously? Who's sitting over in California etc giving a fuck about what's happening at Dens Park
  4. Brown Willy is a hill in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. The summit, at 1,378 feet above sea level, is the highest point of Bodmin Moor and of Cornwall as a whole.
  5. Yes, I'll hold my hands up and admit I got carried away by promising early signs
  6. Fucking Glasshole has single handedly made this thread laughable! State of that Celtic team yesterday as well as the huns looking shaky. Both of them could easily crumble under pressure, but instead of us being up there putting pressure on them and seeing what happens, we are sitting 9th instead with some people even worrying about a potential relegation battle. Fuck you Glasshole you utter clown
  7. Good, race card playing cunt. Have another seat on the bench you prick
  8. And not a shred of evidence as per usual. Embarrassing indeed
  9. Expect more bullshit and incompetence from Glasshole as he produces another shitshow. This guy just needs to fuck off right now.
  10. It's going to be an Anal raping by these weegie minks. NO LUBE
  11. They have just drawn at home to the jutes. We SHOULD be talking advantage of this.
  12. They are shite but i am not convinced we will take any advantage of it
  13. Fuck off glASS you utter CLOWN. Fucking ruining all credibility we had this season
  14. Fuck off you politically correct loving fud. Sort out your own political opinion before you criticise mine you confused cunt. Mongs like you should be drowned at birth without exception.
  15. Go and watch rugby you blouse. Maybe have some fun afterwards with the rest of the rugger buggers? Poof
  16. I said before that this was our best chance to win the league in a long time. I stand by that, and it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach that our chance is being pissed away by this CLOWN. We got rid of McInnes, but he had a track record of running shite under performing Celtic teams close in the past. I was told by posters on here that McInnes time was done, and that we couldn't afford to miss out on Glass. It was a fucking lie.
  17. Exactly. But because it is so big, it must be done under the right party/leadership.
  18. Exactly my feelings, but with just about everything they stand for politically. I have nothing against independence whatsoever, but I can NEVER back it knowing that we would then be at the complete mercy of all their far left woke shite once they have complete control over the country. Fuck them, and bring on independence under a more sensible party.
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