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  1. Well what I've been doing is turning Aberdeen games on a couple of minutes in so i don't have to watch the knee stuff. That way I'm still making a protest.
  2. Yes. I don't agree with them championing the blm movement and trying to ram something i don't agree with down my throat. I have principles that I won't bend on for anyone.
  3. It's a he. I thought I would let everyone know how i felt about the situation. We're all friends here.
  4. Not interested in this, or any of the Euros for that matter. Using this tournament as another way to ram even more of this BLM shite down everyones throat. Well the knee taking bastards can shove their tournament up their arse, i won't be watching.
  5. All what things? The original point was that weegies don't talk about Aberdeen. You think a bunch of weegie tinks are going to sit and praise Aberdeen for all the points i listed? Of course not. My point was that they have nothing negative to say. The granite aspect does get brought up all the time as one of the city's negatives. I'm just saying that I personally like it.
  6. Also, why do the words "Glasgow" and "Glaswegian" start with a capital letter, yet "aberdeen" and "aberdonian" don't? Using any means necessary to try and belittle us? You cunt
  7. Because there is nothing to go on about in regards to Aberdeen as a place. Easily the safest, nicest and most affluent city in Scotland vs the grime smeared junkie infested slums of Glasgow. No contest. People say our city is boring because it's largely grey, but i think it's a rather unique and charming aspect of Aberdeen. I'm into history, and all the grey buildings make me think of medieval times, which I like. The granite glistens when the sun is out as well.
  8. So we just established how thick weegies are for voting based on religion, football loyalties etc. So you're solution is to not vote for a party because some fans who support another team apparently vote them (I don't believe huns vote Tory anyway. They mostly vote Labour hence why Conservatives never win any seats down there)
  9. That right aye? Better kill a few more if you want any chance of winning the next election
  10. So just because we've had a few weegie players, that means we have to tolerate these absolute fuds swanning around Aberdeen as if they own it? Broadcasting their obnoxious voices and absolute lack of class all and sundry ffs You may be willing to let your city get infested with such scum, but not me.
  11. I completely get the hate for Glasgow and weegies. Any i have encountered up here tend to be odious clowns, either walking around over emphasising their accents or driving about listening to Gerry Cinnamon full blast with the windows down. I beat the shit out of any i come across. They must be made aware that they are not welcome in the North East.
  12. Have you ever snorted a line of cocaine off of another mans erect penis?
  13. No they won't. St Johnstone are from Perth, not Johnstone
  14. For the record, can I just say how much I hate Glasgow. Home to the 2 most odious clubs in Britain, and filled to the brim with junkies, prostitutes and general low life. But what pisses me off most is the cheeky chappie weegie stereotype, and the myth about them having "great banter" that seems to get peddled by social media. ie that statue with the traffic cone on its head that supposedly represents the citys "great sense of humor". Just fuck off you cunts, you are an embarrassment to the rest of Scotland
  15. Last game of the season! 3rd is gone, but i would love to ruin the huns big day. They will be well fired up for this tho, and even if they aren't the match officials will simply step in and take matters into their own hands. We won't be allowed to ruin this for them
  16. Most of them. I won't go into details here, but I would happily debate on a dedicated politics thread
  17. And you are just a rabid and bigoted SNP loving bellend to me. You have no right to call anyone else intolerant from now on.
  18. I'll bet most of them aren't even registered to vote. Too busy trying to avoid paying taxes and debt haha.
  19. What a load of utter shite. So you're saying that just because i support Aberdeen I'm not allowed to vote for the conservative party? Even tho i agree with their policies? Do we not rightly criticise the bigot brothers for this kind of thinking? Also, what do the Tories and huns have in common? Whether you agree with the Tories policies or not, they are just a political party. The huns are a bunch of bigoted tinks, thugs and junkies who are a constant stain on society. Not the kind of people who vote conservative, hence why labour and SNP win all the seats in Glasgow and surrounding areas.
  20. Fucking knew they would bottle the cup! What an opportunity this could have been
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