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  1. Very very infrequent poster but well said. How anyone is trying to drag that pish up tonight after the performance Brown put in is beyond me. A night to rejoice for sure.
  2. Agree entirely min. Folk questioning Glass after 3 games is mental
  3. This. A very sore wake up call but maybe a necessary one. Still cautiously optimistic about Glass & Brown so see what close season brings. Cormack doesn’t really have the option not to back him. Whatever you think of Cormack he’s not Wiggy & can’t see that giant ego wanting to be seen as an unsuccessful Dons CEO
  4. Brits ?! FFS. Think you’ve been watching too much Irish cinema boys. Its just not a word thats used in Scotland. Sounds a wee bit juvenile & like you’re desperately trying to be Irish or something
  5. Haha brilliant. Thank feck at least half of Scots are retards & not proper Scots like me
  6. I’m a proud Scot who believes Scotland’s interests are better served as part of the UK. I’m certainly not alone in this point of view & it doesn’t make me a retard or “not Scottish” as you put it.
  7. No not moron. I would say calling someone retarded or a traitor because they don’t share your exact opinion is the very definition of being self righteous. Like you are
  8. So Scots who don’t support independence are not real Scots and/or retarded - a somewhat simplistic point of view
  9. Yup. He deserves to go with dignity. Some folk going way over the score with vitriol.
  10. Agree entirely. Actually feel a bit gutted about it ending this way but the time has come
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