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  1. I like you because of this. Well said
  2. Thats a bit of a leap no ? You’re conveniently forgetting that Milne appointed the guy who clearly didn’t want the job in the first place
  3. DC has obviously got the Glass appointment wrong but other than that I genuinely think he’s bern good for the club. I can’t think of a single thing Milne got right other than getting lucky appointing DM
  4. Milne voted against a fair voting system for the league. For all DC’s faults & BS I can’t see him doing that
  5. You think Mine did a better job ?
  6. What p1sh. “The clever ones” ? Feck off. Cormack has clearly ballsed up with the appointment of Glass but has done a lot of great stuff for the club the Milne wouldn’t have dreamt off. Give the mannie a chance to fix it. Glass needs to go obviously
  7. Can anyone recommend any decent Kirkcaldy boozers open at 11.00 tomorrow? Cheers
  8. Do you sit on a lot of committees?
  9. Very very infrequent poster but well said. How anyone is trying to drag that pish up tonight after the performance Brown put in is beyond me. A night to rejoice for sure.
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