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  1. Ramirez and Miovski = RAM If that’s nae a sign this pair will be on fire next season, I don’t know what is !!!
  2. This rotter is only interested in Independence and fuck everything else. I was an SNP voter when Salmond was in the hot seat, but I cannot imagine the state Scotland if this beaut was running it. fuck her and fcuk the SNP
  3. There’s no better viewing than witnessing huns getting splattered, Seeing an ex Dons player dishing out the silver medal to one makes it even sweeter. shay deserves an Oscar for his performance there.
  4. Fuck the watery English pricks once bale fucks off, they’ll be back to being shite
  5. Shoppers in Lidl who think its acceptable to pack their bags at a normal pace. The rule of thumb should be, pack at speed, to keep up with the till operator scanning and throwing items at you. If you want to take your time bagging yer messages, fcuk off to Tesco , Morrisons etc.....
  6. Shinnie was for most of the time a headless chicken charging about the pitch picking up yellow cards in the process.
  7. Other than the nonsense being posted on this topic by several beauts, anyone got any news on potential signings ?
  8. Nae point in signing sh*te quickly, for the sake of keeping fans happy. Too many panic merchants here
  9. A lot o you boys seem to be experts in signing players, dealing with contracts and the timeframe in which this should happen. Jesus - How many other clubs in our league have made signings up until now ? Calm doon
  10. He’s a lumbersome oaf. he’s nae a hard bastard either. He picks up yellow cards galore cause he’s slow and shite. No way we’d be interested in signing dung like that.
  11. Grown men (fuds) based in Aberdeen, wearing an English Premier League top. Clowns
  12. Drivers who don’t bother acknowledging you when you’ve let them continue coming down Mugiemoss Road even though you have right if way. 99% of them split arses too.
  13. Goodwin must have earmarked at least one semi competent centre half for next season. It’s glaringly obvious Sticking with these pair o fuds at the back will ultimately cost him his job.
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