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  1. Here’s another one ”we are the famous Aberdeen” and therefor immune from relegation
  2. Bin him now, he’s clearly not experienced enough for the job. Get Alex Neil in to replace him. Out of work at the moment, Hamilton punched above their weight, when he was in Charge. EPL and Championship experience. No brainier, It’s whether Cormack admits he’s made a mistake.
  3. Here’s this gormless simpleton looking cunt coming on for Celtic,
  4. How nae like, cause “we are the famous Aberdeen” This team and these performances = Relegation material
  5. Will Postecoglou, liken us to that of a ‘wounded animal’ next week, in his pre match presser?
  6. He’s too good a player for even Hibs. No half decent player worth their salt would entertain signing for us under the present situation. (Higher wages or not)
  7. He’s a Rep of Ireland Internationalist, who would have absolutely no interest in coming here.
  8. Basil Fawlty c*nt Not dropping John Cleese from now on, will result in Glass getting the dunt sooner rather than later
  9. If we’re going to stick with this pointless pi55ing about at the back, then remove John Cleese from the equation. If there’s not a pass on between the centre backs/ full backs and it’s only Basil Fawlty that’s available , then just hoof it up the park.
  10. Aberdeen City centre is now reminiscent of Chernobyl / 70’s Bermondsey. Scotlands other Cities have evolved with regeneration, whilst Aberdeen has gone in the opposite direction. The councillors should invite over their counterparts from Kosovo, Bosnia etc to get some ideas on how to do the job properly. credit where it’s due though, I see after a few years they've finally got round to removing the weeds that were growing out the top of the Mercat Cross at the Castlegate.
  11. We don’t even look like scoring a goal. And to top it off, a player who couldn’t score in a barrel of fuds, scoring the winner !! horrible stuff
  12. This playing out fae the back is pointless against boring sh*te like Motherwell, who are just going to sit in and not even think about deploying a high press. It just results in 500 aimless passes across the back. that’s the type o game ye get Jet on noising up defenders by getting the ball lumped up to him.
  13. Get McInnes back working in a defensive coach capacity , and we’re fcukin golden…
  14. McCrorie’s never a centre half in a million years. if a new Central defender does not arrive ASAP, then questions need to be asked
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