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  1. You have probably read it, but Anthony beevor stalingrad is brutal.
  2. Somefriendly


    Embrace good will out for me tonight.
  3. I could watch that or the world at war on repeat for days. Both are bloody excellent.
  4. Shed 7 at the music hall last night. Class.
  5. That's what I was getting at, based on total output how much quality did they have. The stones gave some utter shite. @redstrummerI give you the Clash for sure. Disagree with you on smiths but personal opinion.
  6. Maybe been done before, but who would you say is the most prolific band in terms of quality? Couple of bands in my head so I will start off with suede. From that debut with all the mega b sides, dog man star (untouchable) again with b sides through to coming up. They didn't release any shit, most of the b sides from 93 to 97 could easily have been a single. Other names that spring to mind are echo and the bunnymen for the first 5 album run and the smiths (Obviously).
  7. Nice. Unfortunately I had to sell suede tickets for next week. It got moved twice due to covid, then I wasn't able to manage the rescheduled date. Gutted as it was coming up in full plus greatest hits.
  8. Hes a superb songwriter. Very much in the Mark e Smith category. Very underground - criminal not to discover him and the the back catalogue.
  9. Fit like misers? Prefer mind bomb with a certain Mr marr. Nevertheless matt Johnson is a genius.
  10. Glad to see such a turn around in the last 2 games. Ojo should not start at RB again. Glass should have referred to the previous club experiment of playing a centre mid at right back file under Dom Ball. Hope Ramsay is back for Sat.
  11. Hi Dave, hope you are well. Got to love a bit of data analysis.
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