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  1. Why do I get the feeling it will be McNulty.
  2. Ridiculous amount of inbreeding going on there. What a state.
  3. It makes you want to cry when you remember how good we were then. Just amazing play leading to that goal by big Dunc. He was lethal - no fucking about, just bang into the net.
  4. Absolutely spot on. Everything is laboured as fuck.
  5. We had so much possession, but we looked absolutely clueless with it. A pass forward to a teammate with their back to goal, only to pass it back to either the same player or someone further back... repeat, repeat, repeat. Just not enough movement or runs being made in behind - so much play with back to goal. That's fine enough if you have lots of movement and play quick 1-2 or triangles to open up space but there was very little of that - everyone seemed too far from the ball so the obvious pass was back to defence again. Most passes seemed to be a safe option too, overly engineered and too much time taken over it - no zip to the play whatsoever. Severely lacking in creativity and really toothless upfront. Hedges was at least trying to come up with something different but it just wasn't happening for him - when he's on his game he seems to be the only one out there that looks in any way dangerous. Glass needs to pull a rabbit from the hat and find some decent strikers and a couple more creative players/actual footballers. The new style of play is certainly more pleasing on the eye, but we currently don't have the players to both play this way and get results. It's all very well keeping possession and playing the ball around but there needs to be a cutting edge and we just don't have it. A big summer ahead.
  6. I didn't think we were great today, but at least we matched Livi for effort, and it paid off big time in the end. What a difference Hedges made coming on. We look so much more threatening when he's on the pitch. I think we have a great chance of beating Hibs with him back in the side.
  7. Still not scored against this lot this season. Bunch of fucking shrinking violets.
  8. Ah right, that explains it. Good to have a couple or decent prospects in the full back positions at least. Will be interesting to see how they perform against the scum, if given the chance and staying injury free.
  9. Today convinced me that Hayes is done. I would rather play a young upcoming player in his position for the remaining games. I'm presuming McKenzie is injured as I noticed he wasn't on the bench? Ramsay was excellent on the right today, hope it's a quick recovery from the knock he picked up.
  10. Hendry shows Kamberi how it's done. Good quick feet and finish.
  11. Everything looks so slow and laboured. They just look devoid of ideas. I thought we were okay in the first half but it's been honking in the second.
  12. A right shame for the loon. I couldn't tell if he pulled his hamstring or calf. Hopefully nothing serious.
  13. If we can get an early-ish goal in the second half then it might be good for Ruth to get a run out and see if he's got anything about him. He surely can't be any worse than Kamberi and I'd rather see our own players getting a chance rather than loanees. First and foremost we need to get a goal mind, from anyone!
  14. On the evidence of what I've seen so far then definitely.
  15. Ramsay looking really comfortable. Encouraging stuff from the young loon.
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