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  1. Where the fuck are our goals coming from? We have zero creativity. Add to that no heart from the players at all today. A bit concerned now. We don't score many and we have a defence like a sieve.
  2. Just bending over in the 2nd half. Absolute pish. No fight in them.
  3. How shite is it that every time we win the ball back we inevitability hoof it back to their defence so they can just start another attack.
  4. Aye, "I ran down the stairs and pushed this cunt for absolutely no reason and he's got the fuckin cheek to just stand there with a half shocked, half raging look on his face instead of completely destroying me. I mean can you fellow jute minks believe this shite?" Like you say, shaking his head in disbelief. Clearly something seriously wrong with this dudes mental health.
  5. Fair play to them. Porteous is still a prick though.
  6. Time to get rid of the dross in January. What a waste of resources JET and McGinn are, and Longstaff has been absolutely rotten. Our bench looks atrocious when you are looking at players to bring on and change the game. Big changes needed yet again. The question is do we trust Glass to bring in the players we need? After all he assures us he will always have the final say.
  7. We typically tend to dominate games, but as they wear on and we don't get the goal there's a feeling of inevitability that we'll end up losing. We have a massive problem opening teams up.
  8. Yet another game where we could play all night and never score. Games against the arse cheeks aside, we tend to have the majority of possession in most matches, but what's the point when we are so fucking useless in the final third.
  9. So frustrating. Yet another team we come up against while on a poor run of form and without a win in x number of games and we gift them the 3 points. How many times is that now? There was St Johnstone, Dundee and now Motherwell. Can't say we played badly either - just nothing would drop for us. What a dirty, niggly time wasting bunch of bastards Well are though.
  10. I really wanted Glass to do well, I honestly did, but this is just fucking atrocious. A complete shambles.
  11. We can't score goals and we are leaky as fuck at the back. What a great combination. Get to fuck Glass. Had enough already.
  12. We are in control of the game to the point of getting to the edge of the 18 yard box, and then we don't have a fucking clue. As usual we have no attacking edge. So frustrating to watch.
  13. What did you all think of Gallagher tonight? I thought he was poor and got pulled all over the place. Granted their front four were dangerous and technically very good, but he looked so uncomfortable and I worried every time the ball went near him. I really do fear for our defence. Desperately in need of a solid and commanding central defender!
  14. Absolutely. The lack of movement is actually appalling.
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