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  1. Dee and Don and every other one north of these.
  2. South of the river mate.
  3. Not if you're several thousand miles away.
  4. The latter I should think, what with all his bumholing antics over the years.
  5. Try the Horshoe Inn at Inchture on the east bound. Way better.
  6. I've ruined you laddie. Best you rest up for a wee while now.
  7. I'm not the one who bums other men tho.
  8. Oasis I can take. Collins on his head, very hard, even jump.
  9. I'll refer you back to that consi cunt for that.
  10. Used to inject it, back in the day like. Not often tho, too addictive. Couple of times a year. Ampules aff the trawlers.
  11. Aye, my bad was thinkin' of Primal Scream. He's still a cunt tho.
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