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  1. I've stuck my cock in some rotten places but fuck me, the fuckin' age gap https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-61440995
  2. Fuck. Tried uploadin' a pic of the bike but made a cunt of it.
  3. Aye, these fuckin nips are a strange lot when it comes to perversions.
  4. No foreign trips for me this year. Just gonna fuck aboot in the Motorhome. Bit o' fishin', bit o' wankin'. Nectar.
  5. I've reported faggoty ccb to the Feds after his abuse of my napper recently and I'll sue the cunt for libel too because I'm no slapheid. Still, I was extremely hurt by his savage attack on my perceived follicle deficiency.
  6. I'll have a deek on me PC later pal. Cheers.
  7. If I knew how to fuckin post pics it fire one up and you could guess.
  8. I wish. Probably more like 17. Book says 55mpg but I reckon 40 ish. It's an old bike.
  9. Might take the motorbike for it's first run if the year this afternoon. If the cuntin' thing starts like.
  10. Aye, he's a stupid fuck anna' but them wiz Goodwins words. I said to the missus 'did that cunt really say that?'. I rewound it and he did.
  11. Nae confident. Two shite teams, shite game in prospect and a result to reflect that.
  12. Always thought he was a bit of a dirty greaseball kinda cunt. Mind you, there by the grace of god.................................
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