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  1. Oh, it can fuckin' fly alright but touch wood I ain't been airbourne with it yet.
  2. They won't clean it. They're removin' a wing and installin' a new pre-painted one. Hopefully wi a decent polish and ceramic it winna be clatty as fuck by the time I get there and back and if it is then a good bodywork finish will make it easier to clean. Gotta take a wee bit o' pride (not in a gay way like) in things min.
  3. It is pal but once you get goin' it's fine enough and the end result is quite satisfying. I've got to take it up to Inverness on Monday to get a new wing on (warranty job) and I'm fucked if I'm gonna have it in a pro paint shop lookin' like a pun o' mince.
  4. I washed it yesterday but it needs a right good deep clean so polish and ceramic finish it is.
  5. If the weather stays dry I'm gonna polish and ceramic finish my car. Not a five minute job neither.
  6. I vary between two. Red for obvious reasons and ice blue, which was my first and still favourite colour of Sta-Prest.
  7. Lol. Arguin' about politics on the internet. Brilliant, what could go wrong? I'll repeat tho, it's all academic. A meaningful and legally binding referendum WILL NOT happen and WILL NOT be allowed to happen. Certainly not in the forseeable future and deffo not in 2023.
  8. It won't happen and it won't be allowed to happen. Move along now, nothing to see here.
  9. Beachend Bootboy


    Here's another fae Fowelsheugh the day. See if yeh can guess this een.
  10. Beachend Bootboy


    Jesus FUCK!!!
  11. Beachend Bootboy


    Don't be silly.
  12. Beachend Bootboy


    Decent camera and good glass. Does the trick. Nippy wee fuckers the wrens but this een sat a few seconds for me.
  13. Beachend Bootboy


    Bollocks. Still canna post a fuckin pic. Usless cunt. At fuckin last got is sussed. Here's a fuckin wren fae Fowelsheugh the day.
  14. Aye, I think you're right. I'd forgotten about that. Wee boy tattoos
  15. Fuck you then you ungrateful prick. Get yer ain stream next time. Dunno why I fuckin' bother. Fuckin youth of today, dinna ken they're born. Everything laid on a fuckin' plate. Folk died to gi them what they've got. Cunts take it all for granted. Nae thanks...............................................blah, blah, blah.
  16. Try this one pal. It got me through the last half of the first half. https://footybite.to/rmenia-vs-scotl/
  17. Fuck me. I missed it too. All my streams are fuckin' frozen. Useless bastards.
  18. OK the cunts just froze. Bastard!!! Oops. Back again.
  19. This is working at the moment for me. Gotta click like fuck to unmute and close the popups but seems to be a half decent stream so far. http://cricfree.live/live/premiersports-1
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