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  1. Well do it then the scouting job is up for grabs
  2. Come on get some signings confirmed It’s a bit boring seeing posters just slagging each other , Nothing better to do euros will be a topic and I hope for more than a week
  3. Any updates on him , I notice wasn’t in team recently “ injured” or just not selected he is still technically ours and is rapidly becoming a waste of the fee of 800,000 although cormack says it was all his it must really rankle him up there with Paul Bernard , but at least he played (attended) a few games for the reds
  4. And the fact he is an actual right back a refreshing change from “ he can do a job in that position “ in reply to red John post
  5. Please no I admit to being impressed with him in the European game , how wrong I was as his football intelligence was shown to be poor he had pace , reasonable skill , stamina, but that was it ,running into ineffective zones not linking up with his peers we didn’t seem able to coach improvement into him , however nor has other teams
  6. Fair point but mcrorie could be utilised in midfield or CB , he might even get transferred therefore I understand the extra coverage option if he is signed good to have different reasoned opinions rather than abuse that can be thrown about by some posters
  7. I disagree, if he and Ramsay share the amount of games 40/60 it will allow Ramsay to develop that’s what I think is the reasoning
  8. Although this appears a done deal I recall we had bother before trying to get someone in that required a permit and that one of the cheeks spiked it by doing a similar thing just before us but if I’m wrong it must be age
  9. Back on subject , I think Ramirez will be a good striker however after 10 months and he discovers what an actual Scottish summer and winter is he will have “ personal issues “ and get loaned to Atalanta 1 or more likely 2
  10. Are you replying to yourself now
  11. He’s trying to give himself a wee bit of time I presume
  12. And this is relevant to Lewis Ferguson situation how ??
  13. At last back on subject can we get a “ let’s give each other abuse folder” seems pertinent for some
  14. Welcome , and I look forward to some reasoned , informed , accurate postings great to see you on here
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