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  1. Exactly my thoughts , however it’s the way now with players look at the issues Man Utd are having with trying to move players on agents are the scourge of football
  2. Don corleone, that’s one of the best posts you or anyone has submitted for a while
  3. That’s ok then , good support for “USA”
  4. A decent enough guy and at times a decent enough player however his alleged major part in the COVID issue and his apparent reluctance to accept any disciple or admission of wrongdoing sealed his fate for me just let him go
  5. Is he not still recovering from a hamstring injury ?
  6. Yup that was a statement , but he will counter than he didn’t specify which transfer window but there’s still plenty of time I am hopeful of McGrath and Hamilton coming our way
  7. laughing at myself an easy path to get “ sectioned” and worse I’ve not the skill or knowledge to delete the post
  8. And that’s why they and I are not a football manager or scout
  9. Relevant to “ Jamie McGrath “ thread
  10. Jesus this is as bad as my teenage years “ don’t do this don’t do that “ do YOU not have some statue to deface or pull down
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