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  1. Definitely , no way should we get ourselves in the same situation regarding main striker as last season
  2. Unfortunately we could all see this coming family didn’t settle his support ( glass & co) gone I can understand him wanting to move on
  3. This must be one of the furthest from original topic thread
  4. I think he didn’t fancy the “ plenty of running “ in the Spanish trip the deal to leave certainly concluded at a fast pace
  5. No bad but I can’t see ramadani being left out
  6. Oh ya , another potential signing let it be hladky , obviously the more exciting signings may come much later in the window Ronan, McGrath, lauritsen but overall happy on how the squad is progressing
  7. P&J reporting we are going into negotiations with him re a new or extended contract interesting times
  8. Agreed, though i would accept us signing him in addition
  9. Much better recruitment this window If the team now blends together much optimism for this season COYR
  10. Agreed he has been excellent with his input this week
  11. This lad actually fits the demographic , relatively swift replacement for Ramsey once his move was confirmed maybe Jim just got confused with left and right
  12. Sorry tord31 it was actually in reply to Jamie mt timeline got a bit out there
  13. That’s a bit early to say this surely wait until the window is done before resorting to this level
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