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  1. If he’s not signing for us who cares
  2. Also just arrived home , absolutely agree with your post Both central defenders couldn’t pass effectively tonight Scott brown couldn’t influence and was overrun Ferguson better 2 nd half but pretty inconspicuous overall that were sharper and definitely cleverer , the amount of times they were 2 on 1 with either of our full backs, gave them a bit of a lesson but hopefully the team learn from it . the better team won tonight , sad as it was , expectation was high going into it but the ideal scenario for them the early goal and then just outplayed
  3. Any update on Jamie Hamilton rumour
  4. Your most sensible post ever I knew you had some balance and empathy somewhere
  5. Oh nooooooo I’m outwith your criteria for interaction I will need to post some banal posts regularly like yourself then I will qualify hurrah
  6. Are you fishing for the first to call you a closet hun
  7. That a pity if that is confirmed , would be a sad way to end his time at Aberdeen fc got some good memories of him was fortunate to be at Dundee for his hat trick remember the Andy Andy Andy chant before the ball was crossed in
  8. Oh noooooo please don’t be a mcinnes clone
  9. Agreed , just want him to put in a decent leaving performance
  10. What sarcasm you really enjoy a contradictory post don’t you
  11. Great if it comes off and thanks for an update
  12. Never a weegie but terrific use of language , and look your wee friend has given you a positive feedback too
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