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  1. Lets see how he gets on against Premiership teams then, as thus far he's been pretty much useless.
  2. So still two to come in? Centre-back and attacking central midfielder?
  3. Kennedy seems to have impressed a lot of people with a few good performances against lower level opposition.
  4. I'm a staunch Here we go man, but they appear to have disappeared from the scene. Never listened to the other two.
  5. Great start for Miovski, and he should have had three.
  6. And as for signings, we still need two, desperately still need a central defender and preferably an attacking midfielder too.
  7. Cannot believe Mclennan is still here, surely a season loan to Dundee or Raith Rovers should have been done by now.
  8. Another few goals please, keep the confidence building going.
  9. Ticket sales not looking particularly great for Saturday.
  10. Any win will do to get us going. Hopefully a decent crowd.
  11. We really need a decision this week or time to move onto a new target.
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