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  1. Quick google and Les Ferdinand is director of football so if it’s true about Barron he’d be the one running the show
  2. QPR don’t have a manager at this moment in time so would find it strange they’d be buying players that a new manager may not want
  3. That’s fine, he can play well until January and move then for an inflated price
  4. Pick n mix. Couldn’t have had that yesterday or players would’ve been getting pelted with cola cubes at every corner.
  5. I expect that Hedges would’ve got “injured” not long after the January transfer window closed if he has stayed and not played much if any football after
  6. How was the atmosphere compared to yesterday’s game
  7. It was a shit season and hopefully Cormack has learnt from his mistake and next season is significantly better. It’s now consigned to the history books and I no longer need to think about it.
  8. I’d keep both whilst signing a quality keeper and CB as one or both could improve significantly with quality beside them. If they don’t ship out in January or next summer and see if any of the youth Goodwin believe is good enough are ready to step up
  9. No idea who Williams is yet can say Ramsay is worth more than him.
  10. Completely different circumstances tho jet was a lazy useless cunt that got released by Arsenal, Williams isn’t and of course having champions league experience adds more to a player’s value than a player not having that experience. As said above the Williams wants to leave, Liverpool don’t want to sell him
  11. Jet never had the career Williams has had and Williams is 10 years younger so don’t see any comparison here
  12. Better attempt and more movement than the cunt Glass gave a two year contract too
  13. So you expect Liverpool to sell an international player with more experience not only in the EPL but also champions league and sign Ramsay for the same price who has no international caps, EPL or champion league experience. Good luck with that. What has JET got to do with anything
  14. A 21 year old Welsh international with over 10 caps, EPL and champions league experience is valued at 10-12 million so what do you value Ramsay at
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