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  1. I hope they do go and then get seven shades of shit kicked out of them by the French. Always brightens my day seeing huns getting a kickin
  2. Huns have been given 2200 tickets for the Lyon game and now the French authorities have said no huns allowed. Even the French don’t like the hun cunts
  3. Hoofball

    In The News

    Could well be the reason they put them in Wick, nobody to plot with
  4. Carron is closed for refurbishment, looking to reopen before Christmas
  5. Would be the loan signing I’d keep from the three which ain’t a glowing reference but looked good when he came on yesterday
  6. Low’s Westhill is a decent chipper also. Have always planned on trying sea salt and Sole as heard good reviews
  7. Quayside in Gourdon is a quality chipper. They also have a van that goes to Montrose and Newtonhill but it’s not as good
  8. Jet has been good the last two games but don’t think you can play him alongside the other three in a game Aberdeen don’t dominate possession Jenks done well when he came which was a positive
  9. If he signs a pre contract try and get some money for him this window, no point having a player here who already doesn’t perform on a constant basis and go to plan B
  10. Nah, Dave will be back on the radio defending Glass and hoping it’ll get another 7pts from three games
  11. His CV must just be shite in general then as the cunts still unemployed
  12. Dundee 1-1 Motherwell Hearts 1-2 St Mirren st Johnstone 1-1 Hibs Livingston 0-3 Sevco Ross County 1-0 Dundee utd Celtic 3-1 Aberdeen Motherwell 1-2 Dundee Utd Aberdeen 0-1 Livingston Dundee 0-0 St Johnstone Hibs 1-3 Sevco St Mirren 1-1 Ross County Celtic 2-1 Hearts Aberdeen 0-2 St Mirren Hibs 1-1 Motherwell Sevco 4-1 Dundee St Johnstone 1-1 Ross County Dundee Utd 1-3 Celtic Livingston 1-3 Hearts
  13. They may well have told him the procedure of how they would remove said milk bottle so he knew what to do next time he got one jammed up his arse
  14. Wasn’t he supposed to be Ferguson’s replacement but he didn’t leave and now Aberdeen are stuck with a player not as good as Ferguson and also Ferguson
  15. No chance, the minimum requirements are being able to spell the word “wee” as in little.
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