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  1. Wouldn’t under any circumstances trust an Italian loan deal. Those Italians are dodgy as fuck when it comes to loan deals, they constantly mug any team off they loan a player from. Tell them to stump up the cash to buy Ferguson or fuck off
  2. Rafa Benitez gone, I wonder how the new Everton signings are feeling now. Could see Ferguson in charge until the summer
  3. Dog worming tablets stop you getting cancer. Bear Scotland deal with all the bears both wild and in Zoo’s located in Scotland and not road maintenance.
  4. So it was fucking atrocious then, that’s all I needed to know
  5. To young for any input but always wondered was Amadeus as good as everyone says it was back in the day or is that just people remembering the good parts and it was actually shit
  6. But for how long, will they still want that fee just before the window closes and after McGrath has told them he ain’t happy being there
  7. But his injury history is clear of major injuries, that’s why Mowbray is here and not Richardson.
  8. His lack of consistency, injury record and him not wanting to get injured which would put his next move in danger
  9. Not if he ain’t putting in a shift or is injured he ain’t. Aberdeen turned down 500k in the summer, no way Blackburn will offer that or more for a player they can get for nothing in six months
  10. I’d accept 250k but if they lowball with 50k bids or something stupid like that I’d hold off and wait it out a bit lower.
  11. Sky sports reporting Blackburn have made an offer for Hedges as they don’t want to miss out on him to rivals and Hedges wants the move to happen. Aberdeen should wait it out and see if any other bids come in and then sell, no point keeping an injury prone player for six month who either won’t put in the effort or will get injured.
  12. Hoofball


    As long as he isn’t holding bread whilst doing the thinking it should work
  13. Wrong Gallagher. FnD is in about Jon and not Declan
  14. Hoofball

    Pet Hates

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10382229/amp/Davina-McCall-puts-leggy-display-navy-blue-gown-trainers-ahead-Masked-Singer.html Going by this setup, wouldn’t rule it out
  15. Biggest surprise is Man City didn’t get Kidderminster or Boreham
  16. Hasn’t he played for two teams this season so he could only return to Dundee United
  17. Hoofball

    Pet Hates

    Agree, before the health kick Davina was crackin. Van Outen back on the market supposedly, her bloke was texting other birds
  18. Hoofball

    Pet Hates

    The program is shite, Davina McCall looks terrible nowadays, needs a good feed but Rita Ora on the other hand, bet she’s filthy as fuck
  19. If Aberdeen now sell Ramsay for pennies we know who to blame as he’s now set out his stall saying don’t need to sell and on Aberdeen’s term
  20. No possibly about it, he was well past his sell by date. You do remember the terrible run of results from the Christmas until he got sacked, no chance Aberdeen would be in a better position with him still in charge the way things were going
  21. If true I’d say that means McGrath will be signing
  22. Aberdeen playing the nice game and showing St Mirren respect in the hope they then negotiate a decent deal for Aberdeen, saying that knowing Aberdeen they’ll fuck it up and he’ll go somewhere else
  23. Could negotiations with St Mirren still be ongoing to get him in now and not the summer. No point him coming up for medical and a pre contract signing if he can sign outright this month
  24. Isn't good enough for the premier league as was shown last season
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