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  1. From what I saw, the formation looked like this: Lewis Ramsay McCrorie Considine Hayes Ferguson Brown Ojo Hedges JET Ramirez Brown sitting deeper than Ojo and Ferguson, JET occasionally switching between attacking midfielder and striker.
  2. https://twitter.com/WestHamUtdNewz/status/1417095248291958787?s=20
  3. Jack McKenzie might get a chance at left centre back. The best defender one on one according to Hedges and is decently quick from what I have seen. Ngwenya has also just signed a new contract so Glass might try McKenzie in centre back and start Ngwenya.
  4. I've not watched him play but from what I've read on Twitter, it suggests that he more of a poacher than a fancy player. He needs a creative team around him and he is a bit slow but if he gets a chance in front of goal 9/10 times he'll score, however he is prone to the occasional sitter. I am really not sure though, this is just what I have read on Twitter from Houston Dynamo fans.
  5. He is meant to be travelling to Scotland today or tomorrow, according to a guy on Twitter.
  6. @mainstandmoan, Any chance of an update?
  7. Seen a Houston Dynamo fan saying that he is a good striker but he doesn't fit well into teams that play high pressing football. If this is true then I have no clue how Glass is going to make this work, especially if he is spending the whole wage bill on this guy.
  8. I'm pretty sure the club has already announced that Devlin has been given a 6 month contract, have they not?
  9. Ah yes, that would explain it. NI are against Malta on Sunday.
  10. McGinn is in a spa resort in Austria, looks like he is going.
  11. Where are you seeing this?
  12. Get him signed ASAP. Would much rather we got him on a free rather than paying 500k for McGrath, even if it means paying more for his wage.
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