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  1. Was it AndrewC's nephew? Just turned 18, top in immaculate condition?
  2. A good call with this particular top as well. Might be somewhat of a collector's item by that time given the unique badge design and what not. Congratulations again.
  3. I agree with that but I think it's not as bad in this case. I think he genuinely can play left back
  4. I think Richardson can play LB as well. Maybe Richardson LB and McCrorie RB.
  5. Aye very good. Maybe online forums are not the place for you.
  6. Don't come crying to us because you didn't sign a new contract and are now at St Johnstone and have to order and pay for your kits like the rest of us
  7. I actually thought he'd signed a pre-contract with United. Hopefully shafts them
  8. Just checking if we were on the same page. We are
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