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  1. Fair enough Millertime. I still think it doesn't end well in that 2 on 2 from the picture (even with Marshall in a better position) but that's obviously opinion, we'll never know now.
  2. I actually think the whole team was too far forward at this point. It was too early for that, like you said earlier it was only 5 mins into second half, chasing a goal or not. 2 on 2 concerns me with Grant Hanley to be fair haha. I know that doesn't excuse Marshall either way, he was too high.
  3. Ok, I'll concede he was too high. We've a CB hitting the ball from 25 yards and the ball pings out to what would have been a 2 on 2 on half way. Not saying Marshall was guilt free but there's more going on there
  4. Marshall is quite far out to be fair but we're chasing a goal. I initially said 30 yarrds out for our CB but that photo looks more like 25 yards! I should have been clearer. Freak in that 99 times out of 100 our shot isn't deflected into the path of their striker on the half way line. To be fair to the lad, it's an excellent strike from there
  5. Aye, when our CB was picking the ball up 30 yards fron their goal? Come on min. Anyone blaming Marshall their second needs their head checked. Absolute freak goal
  6. Was this the same guy saying the reason for taking the knee had not been communicated to fans, and that he suspected it was political? If so, he seemed an easily triggered individual.
  7. Boost if he's left footed then
  8. Aye, I can't comprehend how Clarke would justify dropping McGinn. Dead cert
  9. Christ that's terrible. Strange looking pattern on the darker stripes as well.
  10. I agree with that. I can't help but feel there must be some sense in playing Armstrong and Adams together in some way. They both played well for Southampton this season
  11. It was mentioned that the club can extend it to the end of the season
  12. It's definitely good to see us going for someone outwith the list of players who had 1 good game, or good goal against us. Or recycling old players and targets. Yeah I'll support him all the same. Unfortunately though, being no worse than those you mention isn't really going to be good enough. It's a 20 goal a season striker we need. Like you say though it seems he wants to be here so hopefully that counts for something.
  13. I'm the same. Although I suspect even with a large wage cut, he'll still be on a reasonable wage here based on rumours of his current wage. Going by DC's traffic lights comment regarding wages and minutes on the pitch it makes me think he'll be first choice.
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