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  1. Glass will be sacked. Goodness knows who will replace him but I honestly think it will be another desperado.
  2. The best laugh is that I don’t think Dave Cormack has many friends at all just business associates. If when he is back in Aberdeen and goes to the matches with Stewart Milne well that says it all. Who the hell would want to go to the football with Stewart Milne is beyond me.
  3. Yes. If the results keep going against us then the majority of fans are going to demand change. You would be off your rocker to suggest otherwise.
  4. So what happens if the majority of fans turn on Glass at Pittodrie on Saturday?
  5. Cormack just made that up. He probably doesn’t realise the number of fans who want Glass out. It will turn ugly at Pittodrie over the next 2 home matches when we are getting beaten by Hibs and Hearts. It was nice to hear him talk about the January transfer window a little. I wonder who Steven Gunn has lined up for us?
  6. He surely can’t be good friends with Ron Gordon….he must have stayed at least an hours journey from him.
  7. At the end of the day all Cormack has done is show us all how incompetent he is at choosing a manager. The 80% of manager’s being dismissed from the prawcess because they wanted to be in charge of recruitment was unbelievable. Any manager worth their salt would want to pick players for the club. Him also going on about having Stewart Milne still being there was another pointing the gun at his foot moment. But don’t worry folks because Hibs are in front of us because Ron Gordon got a head start. What an absolute walloper!! Dave Cormack is our chairman equivalent to Mike Bassett England manager. It must have been him that brought Hedges to the club.
  8. He sound like he is going to start crying
  9. He will talk about munching rowies….just what every radge that follows Aberdeen needs to hear about. I don’t doubt he will back Glass, but the reality is he is only kidding himself on. He may even decide to talk about Alex Ferguson taking time to get in what he was trying at Man Utd….Glass is certainly no Alex Ferguson so that point should be ridiculed if brought up. Tick tock Davie boy. Just admit you made a massive mistake and correct it by appointing a proper manager for our club. It’s the only way to be successful.
  10. Where we collected a total of 1 point. Can’t wait for the better teams.
  11. We should maybe put Scott Brown on the touch line for the next few matches to see if he can influence Glass etc to do better. Make Lewis Ferguson the captain and give him a boost which might make him step up a gear or two.
  12. Cormack, Gunn and McInnes maybe all post here. Would explain the 3 votes that want to keep him.
  13. On the subject of Barry Ferguson I see he is having real problems with some Alloa fans. Every other week he is caught out arguing with them. I am not convinced about how the Dons would perform against anyone but I am positive we would beat them. Ferguson has really got them that bad.
  14. It doesn’t really matter who tell’s who things. What matters is results. The silence from the club is probably the correct action to not further enhance more pressure onto the already beleaguered Stephen Glass. The worrying perspective from the club though is the continuation of letting these results knock another nail into his managerial coffin. Maybe fairly decent coaches that Glass, Russell and Apaloo are but unfortunately they don’t have an ounce of skill or ability when the chips are down to be a strong management team that was sold to our club. It’s only a matter of time before they are removed but this vanity project could have absolute catastrophic consequences before a decision is made…..that shouldn’t be allowed or tolerated at Aberdeen.
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