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  1. Which grown up man wants to buy a load of stickers? Please come forward and let us know your identity
  2. A big anchor would be more suited
  3. Can’t we sign a player outside the uk now?
  4. Any of the good radges that made the trip to Gothenburg in 1983 get a free match ticket if they convince a friend to purchase a season ticket.
  5. Another guess at this announcement….Cormack has finished the prawcess
  6. Cormack is maybe coming out the closet
  7. What’s worse is when we sign a player and both feet are bad.
  8. I haven’t had much in the way of conversation with @Dad . Maybe my boring posts have actually killed the old fella. RIP @Dad
  9. He has certainly been away for a while. Maybe someone should call a doctor for him
  10. Overwhelmingly. But that’s the price for being such a nice person. Everyone likes me.
  11. Anyone know what Russ Richardson is doing with himself nowadays? Asking for a physio friend of mine’s looking for work.
  12. Remember and make eye contact with him as it definitely spooked them at Pittodrie.
  13. In fairness if I actually did fancy the job and went for it I would have got it.
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