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  1. It’s good we still keep in touch with Bobby Clark as he helped us with Dante Polvara. Goodness knows what type of players Mowbray is suggesting we go for but some of the mentioned ones are certainly not the best. I suppose it’s all irrelevant really because currently it looks like we are having major difficulties in trying to drum up a genuine bid for any of our players. No sales equals no more signings!
  2. We are definitely not getting any financial backing from Cormack during this window. Glass has to sell or move players on so he can get in who he supposedly wants. We obviously couldn’t get Hedges moved on to get this over the line but such is life. McGrath would have been a very good signing.
  3. Someone should shout that at Joe huffy Lewis when we are playing the huns as they ping one at our goal
  4. We have pulled the plug on the move for McGrath….bad news as I heard he was definitely signing. Thought the lad would have been a very good addition to the squad.
  5. Don’t be surprised to see Gary Woods in goal against Rangers.
  6. I heard the club were considering a new approach to the transfer windows….sign nobody. That way, we can’t complain at the quality of people we bring in. Go Davie Cormack!
  7. I am on a roll here….letting Stewart “we need a strong Rangers” Milne still remain on the board.
  8. Here is another one….the appointment of head butler Steven Gunn to run the show at Pittodrie/Kingsford when Davie Cormack is away picking a new white shirt in Atlanta.
  9. I missed his reply before he deleted it. Enlighten me?
  10. Give him a job cleaning the bogs….it will be payback for all the shite we have had to put up with over the years.
  11. I think he has hoped everyone would have just forgotten about it. One thing is for certain….he is not to be trusted. Setting us up to be with Atlanta, the Hernandez deal, the sales pitch for purchasing season tickets, the managerial prawcess and not doing any proper Q&A’s. Have I forgotten anything else?
  12. You have just blown our secret weapons for the huns match.
  13. I will forgive you for not mentioning Jenks…I thought he would have been binned from the matchday squad. You made an arse of it otherwise.
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