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  1. Let me enjoy it for a while, I will keep you updated on how it goes.
  2. I wonder if people will think this (the title of the thread) about me if I get banned? If I do i would like to say a goodbye to my Canadian friends and all those who took a bit of light hearted banter at times the correct way. The easily offended and very precious posters are trying to make it difficult for your normal person to have an opinion. STAND FREE
  3. We aren’t getting relegated. We are poorly run but we won’t be going down.
  4. I don’t mind you having a difference of opinion on matters and what I will say is at least you are civil about it. I don’t blame Goodwin for taking the job, not in the least. It’s the chairman at our club who is to blame for employing him. No way he was the best we at Aberdeen could attract…I don’t care what anyone says regarding that. We were severely short changed like we were by employing Glass. Cormack is letting us down and he should be getting the abuse he deserves.
  5. Cormack will be hopeful of purchasing them whilst they have a sale on.
  6. We are obviously in a bit of a mess at the moment so I was hoping someone could suggest any out of contract players who could do a job for us. Steven Gunn will be paying close attention so don’t be shy.
  7. Obviously I was wanting rid of Glass as we were struggling but I think he would do better with the players than Jim Naewin.
  8. It’s time to dust ourselves down and as the saying goes “we go again”. 2 draws this season so far against them and let’s be honest we should have won both. I hope we can raise our game and defeat them on their own patch as that would bring a smile to a few of our miserable faces (after last night’s result). I am being optimistic, Jim may well get a good win at Ibrox.
  9. Stephen Glass got a draw and a win against Hearts with the players during this season and at no time were we totally outplayed. Just saying…
  10. I disagree Tord31, he opted to jump in straight away (which he should have been doing anyway) and take control from the off. He admittedly has the players who were left by the previous regime so he can only work with them unless he brings in players who are currently out of contract. I though, judge a manager on not what he says to his clubs tv channel or what he says in the press but what his team do on the pitch under his guidance. So far he has 2 points out of 9. We were completely overrun in midfield last night (a position he actually played himself) and until it was obvious the game was beyond us he did nothing to rectify this. He talked earlier in the week about more intensive training etc…we played in slow motion last night and let Hearts dictate the game very very easily. That’s how I have given him criticism and will continue to do so unless he proves otherwise. It’s nothing personal, it’s just giving an opinion whilst watching the match with my eyes open.
  11. That’ll be Jim Goodwin by the end of the season
  12. Glass was a bad appointment, no doubt about that. He isn’t here now so everyone should really be turning their attention on Goodwin. Another terrible choice of manager. Cormack is failing us with these appointments.
  13. Whilst I agree with a few things you said, we won in the 80’s.
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