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  1. 1-5 Aberdeen. Ramirez with all 5. Bates at fault for the goal conceded.
  2. We can hardly be described as a club who strive for success. It’s not in our DNA any longer. Though, if you fellow fans can chip in and give the club a helping hand financially through the money DNA we can produce top players like Dean Campbell who can fill a gap when all other avenues are exhausted. Plus we can help the club out so they can offer Funso Ojo a further lucrative deal. Get in touch with the club through the website (saves paying someone a wage to speak to you) and don’t hold back with your monthly instalments. Convince everyone in your family and all your friends to do likewise. As a reward the club shall send out an adult gift (if age appropriate) and have a right good moan about the extra expense this causes during monetary discussions. On the real subject of David Bates, I am feeling generous today (compliments only) …. he made a couple of good blocks on Saturday.
  3. We are at our most responsive when the team have suffered a defeat. The reality is…we shouldn’t tolerate defeat anyway.
  4. My expertise is available worldwide. I admittedly am a busy man but as like many a person I have had a very keen interest in football none more than Aberdeen FC though. I suppose the difference of opinion of certain players can vary from age groups….those like myself who were fortunate enough to witness the great Alex Ferguson led era probably are a bit harder to please compared to a younger generation who witnessed none of those past glories. If you want to win things you have to demand a hell of a lot more from the likes of Bates, Jenks, Gurr, Samuels etc. We in reality are a reasonably large club in our own country and we should strive to succeed. The modern generation of fan doesn’t know much in the way of success. Let’s hope it changes especially with the wealth of our top board members. We should always demand better. When fans stop demanding the chairmanship of the club gets to do as it pleases. The reality of that is that it hasn’t served us well for far too long.
  5. I have been to only 4 this season. I watch all the games via RedTV etc if I can’t go. Why do you ask? Don’t tell me this is a who’s the biggest fan contest?
  6. I haven’t entertained Sportscene this weekend. I seen it at the time and Willie Garner highlighted it during the RedTV coverage yesterday. Listen to the old players, coaches etc when they talk about player’s positions….you might learn something.
  7. I accept your apology He was slow at getting across to the player who put the cross in…didn’t show enough desire to stop it.
  8. That makes you look even more ridiculous
  9. He has been a great signing from the USA…I hope we look at others from there who have nothing to do with Atlanta.
  10. Back to the subject of David Bates….do you agree with me that his majority of time in an Aberdeen strip has been mostly poor?
  11. What an exaggerated small mind you have…you checking me out on Twitter? I thought it would have been enough for you seeing me on here. Any exclusive’s regarding the next transfer window or has no one from Pittodrie replied to your begging letters?
  12. He did, it could have been after the match. Willie Garner was spot on again.
  13. I harass nobody. Only those who are mollycoddled think they are being harassed. Stop embarrassing yourself. You have 5 minutes to reply, your parents are going to put you in the bath and put your phone on charge before they make sure you are tucked up in bed for a better sleep tonight as all the smarties you had eaten yesterday kept you up the previous evening. Enjoy your sleep minijc, try and not drink before you land on the mattress and remember and brush your teeth.
  14. People were quick to slag off our only real danger in front of goal. The only natural striker in the first team. He certainly prefers JET in the team along with Hedges and Watkins. We are lucky to have a striker of his finishing ability and I hope we keep playing with a lot more attack minded players once everyone is fit. Ramirez is class and is a very humble guy.
  15. Willie Garner is a very decent guy. Just tells it the way it is. People like yourself who need mollycoddled and told everything is always okay are hidden from life’s reality. Now that’s a good boy, go and speak to your parents about reducing your time on the internet. It’s in your best interest.
  16. I have been to 4 matches this season….does that make me more of a fan? Watched every other game on TV. It still gives me the ability to decide if I think Jenks has been a good signing or not. If you didn’t work it out already…I reckon he has been a poor signing.
  17. Not at all. Willie Garner (a former central defender) said Bates should be doing better at the goal conceded. The lad has picked up better the last few games but I still doubt his concentration levels. It’s probably why the German’s wanted shot of him. He definitely needs to work on that side of his game.
  18. It will make you enjoy your day better
  19. Since we have discussed all matters about Teddy Jenks we can now move onto whether this lad has been a good signing or not. He had a reasonable match yesterday but his positioning is still a major concern and he could have helped prevent the goal if he hadn’t switched off his defensive duties. Overall, he had been a poor signing.
  20. You could have just said that you agreed with me instead of posting all of the above. #save energy
  21. Yep, I agree to an extent. I have judged Jenks over the time he had been at the club. The other posters have obviously only set eyes on him yesterday. It would explain a lot but since I am a very reasonable guy I will forgive their petulance once they acknowledge my superior ability of deciphering if Teddy Jenks from Brighton ( ) has been a good signing or not.
  22. I will make it easier for you to understand as you obviously didn’t get a full education/or are not still getting a proper full education at the moment…. JET on the pitch = 3 goals Jenks on the pitch = 1 goal Teddy Jenks had his best performance in a Dons strip yesterday but let’s no kid on that he has been nothing but a terrible signing.
  23. It’s amazing the love for Teddy Jenks on here all of a sudden after nothing more than a reasonable 30 minutes or so he was on the pitch yesterday afternoon. The guy has been a terrible signing. You lot are easily pleased and lack awareness of what a good player actually is.
  24. The proof is in the pudding…We score a lot more goals when JET is playing. Jenks has been a horrific signing.
  25. JET does not deserved to be ditched for Jenks. We have looked a lot better the last 2 matches going forward and it is no coincidence JET was in that team. Jenks can’t do half the things JET brings to the table. Jenks is a mere squad player whilst JET is a key part to our new attacking philosophy.
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