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  1. Based on my limited knowledge on him, I'm chuffed we're in for the lad. Fingers crossed we get him signed up, another poster reckons we're in advanced talks..fuck knows if that's true though. Same agent as Ramadami
  2. https://www.aberdeenlive.news/sport/aberdeen-fans-ranked-most-foul-7202873?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar Fuck aye!!
  3. Awayfromhomered


    RIP Julie Cruise. Twin peaks was pretty strange back in the day
  4. Agreed, I like the wee fella. He's a trier, has some skill & if his legs were normal length he'd give Usain a run for his money. His diving was just embarrassing, but I thought he'd toned it down last couple of games.
  5. Awayfromhomered


    Think your spot on with that mate, but there was a bit of a crossover. The pistols were already established & the Jam had their first single ( In the city ) and the pistols borrowed some of it for their next single. I'm no expert like, that's just my understanding of it. And in my opinion it really doesn't take anything away from the pistols tune, still love it...& the pure nerve of them hahaha.
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    Nah, sorry. Something I'd heard yonks ago.
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    Was also a story, that Weller had an altercation with Sid Vicious over it. Think Sid was taking the piss, probably made up though.
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    It's true mate, get what you're saying though.
  9. Awayfromhomered


    Agghh..annoying I never seen them live. A couple of my old mates seen them in Aberdeen, I was meant to go with them but ended up with "better" plans for the night...idiot
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