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  1. She sounded exactly like that kind of person mate. Was on a bit of a power trip I think. Rewrote last part of my rap, had to take out "Need some free kicks from Lee Griffiths" bit-
  2. Haha BBC were super nice. Contacted SFA and wifey was a complete bitch to me though.
  3. Aye fair enough, I'm gonna get it recorded properly at the studio. Thought it sounded nae too bad on radio though.
  4. They bumped it to radio the very last minute Listen @ 1:52:21 - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000wthj at
  5. What if I give a AFC Chat shout out? Would you buy it then?
  6. Sorry I didn't know Criptank bro
  7. Me and the BBC have been talking. Might wanna tune in around 6:30-7:00 tonight. #WeCanWin
  8. Is he one of those guys who raps pretending he's American like those two lads from Dundee 15 years ago?
  9. I suppose you can't judge a book by it's cover. I remember an interview he did before Scottish Cup Final 2017 and he came off like a rather articulate guy. And I know he's spoken out in the past about homophobia in football. And yeah you're right, about 95% of them were meatheads for sure.
  10. Ok, I was alright then, first away game was at Dunfermline Atheletic at 11 and was at local pub half Dons half Dunfermline fans.
  11. Even when theres a 8 year old with his Dad right behind you when they're sitting down?
  12. And you're prob one of those overly obsessed fans who thinks nobody is a bigger Dons fans than yourself and stands up the majority of the time at away games blocking the view of little kids.
  13. No, I think she had dark hair and I didn't hear her voice. I gave her a cold hard stare and she had a look of shame on her face.
  14. His standard in females was kind of questionable for a guy of his status. One girl I saw him with was nerdy looking with glasses and straight up unattractive really. One other time I saw time getting out of this girls car to go to the Sainsburys in Rosemount. I've heard a few Dons players use girls like that as a convenience like.
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