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  1. 100% this. Ironic after all the talk about wanting to bring exciting attacking football back to Pittodrie. Was the exact opposite of that. Brutally boring passing around in our own half the entire game, creating about one proper chance per match and missing it, and then conceding one proper chance through some ridiculous defending or goalkeeping and conceding. For the last few months its felt like the only way we'd ever score was through a penalty. Never been so glad to reach the end of a season to get a couple months off from watching that garbage.
  2. Another absolutely dire game of football. Just so boring to watch. Barron is a quality player who will improve next season with hopefully better players around him. Polvara is comfortable on the ball but I've yet to see anything that suggests he can actually do anything particularly productive with it - hopefully he'll improve next season too. Besoujin has promise as well and with better players around him he might shine. The young lad Harvey also had a few nice touches - I do worry that he'll turn into the next Bruce Anderson, but he does at least seem to have potential. Other than that, nothing much to encourage at all. I sincerely hope we don't continue with whatever this formation is next season. The midfield is far too flat and far too close to the defence, and the central striker is totally isolated with the midfield miles behind him and the wingers miles away from him. Any time the ball went into the box there was only ever 1 player in the box. So many changes required in the summer, not just in personnel but in the formation and style as well. I've no idea what the game plan was today - very similar to the days of Stephen Glass - was just pass it around aimlessly and then lump it forward aimlessly.
  3. Considine has lived the dream that most of us have had since we were kids, to pull on the red shirt and play for the club we love. You could see how much it meant to him today, and every time he pulled on the jersey. One of the many problems this season is that we've not had a player in the team with that kind of passion. Hardly any of the players have looked like they care this season - half hearted bunch of losers most of them - from Lewis to Ramirez. I think if Considine had been fit the entire season we would have 1) had a more solid defence (not saying he's Beckenbaur or Maldini, but compared to the Bates / Gallagher shambles we've had to put up with at times he's probably not far off!) and 2) had more passion and determination instilled in the team. Those two things I believe would have given us enough extra points in the bag over the course of the season to have at least scraped into the top 6. Next season we need better players, but we also need players who really want to play for the club, like Considine did.
  4. Interesting - I haven't seen anything of Arbroath this season other than last night, but I know he's the league's top scorer from midfield - and I thought he looked about the best player on offer last night... he's not exactly a youngster, but would he be the kind of player worth taking a punt on for a season or two, even as a squad player?
  5. Yeah, I think St Johnstone will be safe enough over the two legs against ICT. I thought it was painful watching Aberdeen this season, but the standard on show tonight was utterly horrific, was like watching a kick about down the local park most of the time - ball getting punted forward hoping for the best.
  6. Could see him maybe ending up at Dundee in the Championship.
  7. Terrible game. Neither of these teams deserve to be in the top league. The Arbroath / Dick Campbel story is amazing and would be good to see them up from that point of view but any game at that stadium is going to be brutal with the wind etc.
  8. Arbroath v inverness horrific game so far - not sure there’s been a single pass made in the ground.
  9. It depends what his idea of "quality players" is though. I'm expecting the usual mix of one or two exciting names who'll turn out to be hopeless, a couple of unknowns, a couple of journeymen that will have us in despair, and 2 or 3 loans from England (one of which might be okay). The level of players we're in the market for are generally going to be pretty hit and miss. Hopefully he will at least be able to get players in who suit the system he wants to play, and who have a bit more passion than the current bunch of losers.
  10. Nightmare, the youth team bus driver has been on loan and is ineligible so we won't even get a look at him.
  11. Yeah, I was going to add that in at the end of my initial comment actually - Ramsay would've been great in that team BUT McInnes possibly wouldn't have given him the chance. Hard to tell though - McInnes did play some young players - gave plenty game time to dross like McLennan, also decent amount of games to guys like Nicky Low, Cammy Smith and a few games to likes of Frank Ross, Bruce Anderson etc. He also played Cosgrove, Ferguson etc a lot and they were youngsters too. However, he always had his favourites - and Logan was one of those for a long time, so hard to tell whether Ramsay would've got a chance. You'd like to think he would've been too good for McInnes to ignore. Barron I'm not so sure - McInnes loved central midfielders and there were always about 10 of them in the squad, so would've been tricky for him to break through.
  12. Rogic is exactly the type of midfielder we need... someone who can run with the ball, create and score, link the midfield and the attack. He's a million miles out of our league at the moment though. McCrorie should be played at RB next season. Barron is more than capable of holding down one of the midfield starting slots. Jury is still out on Polvara - looks decent technically and is a tidy player, but yet to see anything from him that suggests he can really impact a game. Early days yet for him though. For the starting line up we need a creative attacking midfielder and an experienced tough tackling midfielder who can also play a bit to go alongside Barron. I was against the idea before, but I think I've changed my mind - bring Shinnie back into the midfield and make him captain again.
  13. It's a pity Ramsay didn't arrive about 4 or 5 seasons ago in the team that had the likes of Jack, Shinnie, McLean, Christie, Maddison, McGinn, Hayes, Rooney. In an attacking, creative team that's dominating most games he would have been outstanding. Logan looked pretty good combining with prime McGinn... imagine how good Ramsay would have been in that era.
  14. Can't see us paying £4.75m for Charles Dunne and Jamie McGrath, but never know with this club.
  15. Considine will start and will score a header from a corner. There will be some kind of defensive disaster and it'll end 1-1. Goodwin will play one of the Pittodrie cleaners up front, and the bus driver on the wing as they are still under contract for next season. It will be up there with the most brutally boring games of football ever played.
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