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  1. We'll know the outcome by about 2pm when the lineups are announced. If we see the name Ojo in the starting 11 (which is a strong possibility) we might as well save ourselves the bother and just forfeit the match.
  2. Lancelot - one of the best names I've ever heard. Get him into the first team. Really wish they still showed highlights of the youth games on redtv so we could see a bit more of these youngsters.
  3. Absolutely - but you can't expect them to be your main attacking threat and also expect them to magically be back in their defensive positions whenever we lose the ball. A number of the goals we've lost have been down to that (granted a lot of them and others have also been a result of ridiculously bad defending and goalkeeping). So if he's expecting the full backs to be so high up the park a lot of the time, he needs to put in place some kind of plan to cover the space they've left vacant. Either that or tell them not to push up so often. Problem is that's about the only means of attack we seem to have.
  4. I think a 3412 formation would resolve more than just the defensive frailties though. It would provide more support for Ramirez, give us more attacking threat than just hoping the young full backs can get up and get crosses in etc. Anyway, all immaterial as he won't change the formation any time soon. Not sure about McCrorie, although I'm sure he was in some of the pictures from training earlier in the week, so maybe he's back. If he's fit, I guess he will come in - not sure if he'll drop Bates so soon... bit of a toss up between Gallagher and Bates as to who is the bigger liability just now.
  5. I do rate MacKenzie, I think he's been excellent - I do think he gets hung out to dry a little bit with the expectations put on him (similar to Ramsay) to be up in the oppositions third of the park and have to race back to cover when we lose the ball. The central defenders haven't helped them out enough, and the sitting midfielders arguably haven't helped them enough either this season. You're right that Gallagher and Bates will need to perform a whole lot better, or it'll be the same old story if we gift chances to a striker like Nisbet.
  6. Problem is that MacKenzie is, along with Ramsay, supposed to be our main attacking threat in the Glass system - so when he's piling forward, all Hibs need to do is put the ball in behind to Boyle or whoever else and we'll get sliced open.
  7. No need to put in extra hours to figure out what's going wrong - he could just log on to this forum and have a read through some of the post match threads - it's plain for everyone else to see what's wrong - and plain to most people that there's probably a few simple changes to formation and personal which, while they might not solve all the issues, would certainly be an attempt to address one or two of them.
  8. Aberdeen 1 Hibs 1 Celtic 3 St Johnstone 0 Dundee Utd 2 Motherwell 1 Hearts 3 Dundee 0 Ross County 1 Livingston 0 St Mirren 0 Rangers 2
  9. I think they're looking too much at the stats rather than watching the actual game. Of course the stats suggest we should be winning - if you have more possession and more shots you would expect to win most times. But the reality is it's kinda aimless possession, and the "shots" are rarely drawing good saves from opposition keepers (most of them are sclaffs or mishits that go miles wide of the goals). Basically if you watch the games you'd see that we rarely look like scoring, and we always look like conceding. Obviously if we start finding a way to use the possession better, and also improve the accuracy of our shooting / finishing, and work out a way to tighten up at the back then things might turn, but he's had plenty time to get these things sorted already and week after week he fails to do so.
  10. Wouldn't be surprised if the Hibs game ends in a draw. Won't get the uproar that a defeat would cause, but won't really get any cause for optimism. Just prolonging the pain. Would avoid a 6 game losing streak but continues the non winning streak to 11 or something. Glass said in his interview that other people think it's a crisis, so clearly he doesnt think losing 5 games on the bounce, not winning in 10 and keeping just 1 clean sheet in 22 is not a crisis. He thinks it's just all down to individual mistakes.
  11. Just posted exactly the same thing in the Cormack thread pretty much, then came onto this one and noticed lots of others independently are favouring this formation and lineup. It seems like an obvious thing to try as it solves multiple recurring issues this season - but I get the impression Glass is not for changing.
  12. It seems to me that Glass thinks his best formation is 433 and his best 11 is this based on his selections this season - these are the players he picks when they are fit... Lewis Ramsay McCrorie Bates MacKenzie Ferguson Brown Ojo Hedges Ramirez Hayes To me, the best formation would probably be 3412 or something along those lines with this line up Lewis / Woods / Traffic Cone McCrorie Gallagher Bates Ramsay Brown Ferguson MacKenzie Hedges Watkins Ramirez It addresses a lot of glaringly obvious problems such as giving an extra defender (maybe 3 will be better than 2!), allows the full backs to push higher up and Brown just to sit and cover. Lets Hedges roam around a little behind the strikers, and gives Ramirez some much needed support up top. Stephen, if you're reading this, give it a go.
  13. Good fun listening to that. Hopefully that'll fire the team up - maybe that was his aim. I suspect it won't though.
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