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  1. I’m sure McLennan will be rubbing his hands with glee at the thought of running at those two. Now, if he could only bring the ball with him as well, he’d have a field day!
  2. Apparently Adam Montgomery has left Celtic and signed for St. Johnstone. I was wincing when I saw the headline “Montgomery leaves Celts to join SPFL team” but heaved a sigh of relief when I read the article and Thankfully he’s gone to the Saints and not to us.
  3. I agree that it what we should, but if, and it’s a big if, a situation like this were to occur, my worry would be the messing it might do to Connor’s head. Maybe I’m over thinking this whole thing.
  4. Allegedly Celtic are interested in Connor Barron (or maybe that was just Daily Record tripe), but if it’s true and Scales does well while here on loan and Goodwin says “ok, we’ll buy him”. And Celtic respond with, ok, we’ll do a deal, but Barron coming to us must be part of the deal. Or am I aff ma heid?
  5. Ok, he can fuck off. Another player gone then. And our top scorer from open play. Folk crying because he went home early is pathetic. Goodwin approved this. Should he fuck off too. Ramirez is a dons player and dons fans should support him.
  6. Sorry I should have said Mane, not Sane.
  7. Let’s look at positives. Ramirez is back. He was out top scorer last year by far from open play. At the moment, we don’t have other strikers, so at least with him being back, at least we’ll have something up front. Yes, he’s not Ronaldo or Haaland, but we’re Aberdeen and these days Ramirez is probably as good a player as we can attract. Just think of the numerous dreadful forwards we’ve had to endure over the years and especially recently. He’s in Aberdeen player; he’s back; let’s get behind and support him.
  8. Is his wife playing up front as well?
  9. Oops. Should be Mane. My bad. Will correct now.
  10. Apparently Liverpool are holing out for the fee they want from Bayern for Sane and aren’t satisfied with what Bayern have offered. On Twitter, Liverpool fans are saying “quite right, if they want him, they need to pay what we feel he’s worth. They’re then also saying that Aberdeen are out of order by not accepting the fee Liverpool have offered. Obviously not appreciating the irony here between the two situations.
  11. Is his wife playing up front as well?
  12. Agreed. But I hadn’t even heard of most of ROI’s players or who they played for. We can blame Clarke for changing the defence from Wednesday night. Not a sacking offence in itself, but to change it to bring back Grant Hanley, now that is a sacking offence.
  13. Clarke - why change the defence after a clean sheet in defence. Fine, if you were bringing back someone of the calibre of Willie Miller, but you changed it to bring back Grant Fucking Hanley. Baffling.
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