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  1. Isn’t Russell our strikers’ coach. Surely if numpties like all of us can see, can our specialist, experienced strikers’ coach not see this? Or maybe he has seen this and Glass hasn’t been listening
  2. FFS, that Keevins article is incredibly bad. What a shocker. I would have expected crap like this if we were playing well and we were a threat to them in the league but we’re far, far from that. Obviously though the comments from Cormack and Glass have hit a nerve.
  3. I also can’t believe he hasn’t at least tried this. 1 win in 10. 5 defeats in a row. It’s madness to keep using the same formation and expect a different result. Back 3 and let the 2 full backs bomb forward. It may work. It may not, but at least try it.
  4. I think the situation in 2000 is that there was to be a 3 way play off, with only one of these going down. Falkirk’s stadium wasn’t up to scratch so no need for 3 way play off. Also if memory serves me right we had beaten championship team in the cup that year, so even if a play off was needed, I still think that we would have been ok.
  5. I hope Cormack’s mates watched that debacle in the USA and are urging him as I’m typing to change the manager. It’s desperately needed.
  6. By fuck that was an awful 45 minutes. Somebody pass the razor blades. the only thing worse than the game is Craig Broon’s co commentary. Fucking going on and on about Charlie Adam.
  7. Your original post said something like folk would moan on here no matter what. I replied saying if we won 8 out 8 games in the league and were still in Europe and in the league cup folk wouldn’t be moaning. Notice the word “if” in my sentence. I don’t expect us to win every game but I think that is something we should aim to do. getting papped out of Europe and the league cup, being 9th in the league, 1 win in 9 games - do you not think people should be moaning? Or should we just sit back, say nothing and rustle our sweetie papers ?
  8. I don’t think too many folk would be moaning if we had 8 wins out of 8 in the league and if we’d qualified for the group stages in Europe and if we were still in the league cup. Folk are moaning because Glass has given the fans plenty to moan about. Or should we all just sit back and say that the current situation is great.
  9. Regarding the earlier posts about us dominating possession- yes, purely per the stats we dominate possession, but no wonder when we pass the ball back and forth across the back line, often making little or no progress and many times passing it back to the keeper who lumps it up the field. Dominating possession is all well and good if you use that domination to produce something effective at the end of it. We don’t.
  10. AFC 1903 in one of your messages above you said, amongst other things, , “I can see improvements and what he's trying to achieve”, can you elaborate on what these improvements are and exactly what it is that Glass is trying to achieve because I’m struggling with to see either of these. Thanks.
  11. Tidy finish by Glass in the second leg.
  12. I wonder what the plan B is if Ramirez were to get a serious injury? Watkins? But he seems pretty injury prone. JET?
  13. I honestly can’t see anything happening in the short term regarding Glass. Glass will argue with Cormack that there are 30 league games to go and thus 90 points to play for. He will also argue that the new signings will take time to bed in and that there are lots of positives (Glass’ view) - ie, The performances of Ramsay, in particular and Mackenzie, Ramirez scoring 5 goals already etc. For Cormack to make a change now will be an admission that he made the wrong appointment and he’ll likely stubbornly carry on with the status quo rather than make any changes which in his eyes will make him appear weak to the US investors. Just my opinion, like.
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