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  1. I see Glass has shaved his beard off. Could be significant.
  2. And it's that type of attitude and performance that got Gallagher his Scotland caps. Not sure what's happened to that player.
  3. Have to confess, I'm not as confident as you that we'll score!
  4. Given Glass' post match comments I'd say so. Question is does he bring Woods in against Celtic? Arguably he probably can't do any worse.
  5. Is that not Woods’ main strength?
  6. Seems like a clear message from Glass to him. https://www.afc.co.uk/2021/09/26/reaction-the-manager-post-match-in-paisley/
  7. Thought it was a bit strange him talking up expectations at Aberdeen then complain that we are getting worse press. Kind of comes hand in hand.
  8. Every team at the club should have the full club badge with two stars on it
  9. The true test of their 'can do' attitude will be once the recommendations are made....what then? Be interested to hear Cormack and Gordon's views on that. Have we not gone through this 2 or 3 times before over the decades with very little implemented on the back of it?
  10. The 2nd goal for starters....what on earth was he thinking of? For a guy commanding such a high value I'd be expecting him to be much more dominant in our league. He should stand out. Don't see it enough.
  11. So when Cormack sacked McInnes did you think it was the wrong decision?
  12. Glass said Hedges was at least 2 weeks away but didn’t want to put a specific timeframe on it. I’m guessing Bates needs to get up-to-speed fitness-wise.
  13. Noticed on the match stats that we have won consecutive matches for the first time since beating Slovakia and Czech Republic in October 2020 - all four games in the two-game winning runs have ended 1-0. Clarke is our George Graham, priority is not losing a goal so we won't get beat then hopefully sneak one ourselves to win. "1-0 to the Scotland, 1-0 to the Scotland".
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