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  1. 1-0 Scott Brown, who gets a second yellow for his celebrations
  2. I supported Glass probably because I liked him as a player. But this is awful, the players need to see some fucking leadership here.
  3. Glasgow smiles better if I remember correctly
  4. Jess played alongside some magic players, Ramsay is already a very important to a fairly average Dons side.
  5. It was a fair point Glass made about not having any time on the training pitch as a squad. He's had that now with the new signings. 1-0 Longstaff, and a much improved performance. Lewis. Ramsay Bates Gallagher Mackenzie Brown Longstaff Ferguson JET Ramirez Watkins
  6. He may want to stay in his home city for a while longer with his family and friends playing regularly. Still learning the game and every chance of an international call up as well.
  7. An obvious appointment for Cormack to make. Don't think the players he has brought in have done him any favours at all, think these guys need to take a lot of the responsibility for recent performances.
  8. Anyone asked the boy his opinion on all this?
  9. I love a slow mo training montage. 1-2 Watkins with a brace
  10. I think Glass is a good coach ( maybe not great tactician) but he has experience and knowledge around him so I'd expect the defence to improve. He has said from day one he wants to play attacking, exciting football which is actually really hard to do
  11. On Fraser - Just shows how bad decision making can affect a career
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