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  1. Uysk 100% win so far on the poll at the top! These events fucking off to Saudi Arabia though depressing sign of the times
  2. Getting back into Bridies in a big way at the moment. Home made obviously.
  3. Won't claim any knowledge of Dutch football but surely they'll be far to good for the huns
  4. Story of the sturgeon moon caught my eye. I was disappointed
  5. Last season McKenzie was playing alongside some real shite. That's going to affect his performances. I'd have no problem with him coming in when needed now, though he obviously isn't first choice anymore
  6. Good news about his injury. When he gets back playing I think he will add something extra to the left hand side. Will also give JG a decision to make about McCrorie, assuming Scales moves back to centre half
  7. 13th and 14th AFC 3 Motherwell 1 Livingston 1 Hibs 1 Cunts 3 St Johnstone 0 St Mirren 0 Ross County 2 Kilmarnock 0 Tic 2 Hearts 1 Dundee Utd 1 20th and 21st Hibs 1 Cunts 2 Dundee Utd 2 St Mirren 1 Motherwell 2 Livingston 1 Ross County 0 Kilmarnock 0 St Johnstone 1 Aberdeen 2 Tic 3 Hearts 1
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