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  1. You keep telling yourself that diarrhoea breath. Read the posts understand the points made. Alternatively go awa and play football manager on your Xbox
  2. The fact that we are signing players from foreign leagues is placating him. Granted I am quite happy that they are signing internationals . Mind you I thought that when they signed those Bulgarian plums many years ago until I saw them play . All we required to do was to have appointed a North Macedonian manager instead of Goodwin and his pants would have exploded.
  3. You’re definitely the expert on that
  4. Watching a different Ferguson to me . He was one of the better players in a shit team and was coasting it. Hasn’t wanted to be here for a year. Absolutely stick on he will be away. Good for both parties. You will see a big improvement in him for his new team he’s a more than a decent player and a Hun cunt .
  5. I try and waste as little time and effort on nonentities like you including spell checking words I have forgotten how to spell. But as I have already stated bore on
  6. Best comeback you could come up with ? you knew what I meant and I couldn’t be bothered googling it. Anyway bore on min.
  7. I will summarise for you . Boring tripe. Not on topic but is available for Weddings. Christenings and Barmitsfas. Specialist topic saying the same things over and over again. Money back guarantee if you fail to fall asleep half way through.
  8. You seriously are thick as absolute shite.
  9. I was trying to be as nice as I could be and really shouldn’t even bother replying to this . Just let it lie and learn your lesson you fucking muppet
  10. Referencing your 8 year old daughter for comic effect in a paedo joke. Not a good look. Stick to what you are good at. Forrest Gump on a football forum.
  11. Without wanting to appear a pedant isn’t the fee the main stumbling block and the only thing of concern to Aberdeen rather than Ramsay agreeing wages which was never going to have been a problem for him and something quite frankly I don’t give a flying fuck about.
  12. I have just read your last post and feel bad. Take out the last sentence about fucking off but reel back the negative shit brother. And you are right it’s time for my bed.
  13. Look I don’t think you are a bad lad . We are all dons supporters after all. All I am saying stop posting ridiculous negative shit . Take a wee think how posts about how bad Goodwin is and how bad next season is going to be et cetera et cetera. save that shit for Red John and Slippers and DOC down the pub and do us all a favour and fuck off.
  14. I think you and I would enjoy a pint as long as you don’t fuckjng speak . I am sorry if I am a bit extreme with you but you are a gentle giant whose sole function on here is bringing Aberdeen down. So I’m Six foot two sixteen stone. No sympathy required. A bit of advice reel it in for fucks sake
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