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  1. And a full Netherlands international into the bargain mind
  2. Aye he’s up there with Duncan Davidson and big Walker McCall
  3. Last time I was at Starks Park Andy Harrow was playing for Raith. Anybody mind him ?
  4. I’m trying to be nice to you but it’s nae easy
  5. Going into a game 5-1 up was always going to be weird. Us auld loons will remember that Waterschei were the only team to beat us in 1983 after we horsed them at home in the first leg . Not suggesting the teams are any way comparable. Obviously. But a bit of perspective required.
  6. Points based system based on ranking of country coming from and international caps amongst other things. So a lot harder in the market we are operating in.
  7. Brexit just passed you by RJ ?
  8. Ask him to bring along a psychiatrist for good measure
  9. Kilgore Trout


    What a super cool cunt you are
  10. Mm if you believe that old arses shite about McIntyre more fool you
  11. Williams Brothers beer and lots of it. Interlaced with a bottle of Shiraz
  12. Kilgore Trout


    You just make that shite up . Don’t you?
  13. Yer some boy! Me I was just pissed!
  14. Has he no signed up for the next 3 years . That’s the whole point of the club signing him for that length of time. Just picture him bossing the midfield against the Tim’s and the Huns and stop worrying about Cormacks bank balance !
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