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  1. Brexit just passed you by RJ ?
  2. Ask him to bring along a psychiatrist for good measure
  3. Kilgore Trout


    What a super cool cunt you are
  4. Mm if you believe that old arses shite about McIntyre more fool you
  5. Williams Brothers beer and lots of it. Interlaced with a bottle of Shiraz
  6. Kilgore Trout


    You just make that shite up . Don’t you?
  7. Has he no signed up for the next 3 years . That’s the whole point of the club signing him for that length of time. Just picture him bossing the midfield against the Tim’s and the Huns and stop worrying about Cormacks bank balance !
  8. I remember being pissed off at the time. Looking back dark times for the dons .
  9. Agree. I think this season is going to be better than we have had for while.
  10. Saw Scott Matthews there a few years back. Bloody good.
  11. Good man. I stuck up for the prick on Ab mad far longer than I should have let’s hope we are in for something better this season . You never know!
  12. Aye let’s go for the glass half full. I was raging at the Utd game performance . Let’s see how this season pans out. Me I think it might work out fine .
  13. Apologies for the spelling mistakes Few beers but you really are tiresome man
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