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  1. We played surprisingly well on Saturday, which coupled with your loss against Ross gives me some hope going into this one. We've not had a lot of luck this season - the Sportscene panelists agreed that we've had two goals erroneously ruled offside, for example - so we're still looking for our first win, but I'd say we're in a false position. Looking forward to a good game. It'll be strange to see Scott Brown in red.
  2. Goodwin is definitely a good manager, but I don't see him leaving any time soon. He didn't get the players he wanted and has had to make do, and after a difficult start, I think we'll finish tenth this season. We're a side that're difficult to beat, but we're not scoring enough - though in fairness to Jim we've had two (arguably three) goals erroneously disallowed so far. Our club's going through a bit of a shambolic spell at the minute. Fan ownership is all well and good, and I donate to SMISA, but the club needs to be managed better. Having said that, we're in the midst of a global pandemic and SMISA literally took over the club six weeks ago.
  3. There's a rumour he's going to either Hibs or you lot. ETA: https://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/index.php?/topic/26923-speculation-thread/page/847/&tab=comments#comment-1794400 See second post down.
  4. Aye, so the club is named after the old name for Perth.
  5. I've read this forum for years, but never even considered registering until yesterday. I was once a season ticket holder at Ibrox. I'd go to Bridgeton to watch the Orange parades (once I even went to Belfast for one), I'd wear the 'tangerine' strip, Union Jack t-shirts, drink in the Bristol and Louden pubs, and I'd sing all the songs. As you can probably tell from my username, I'm now a follower of the mighty Saints. What happened you might wonder? Well about five years ago I was baptised. Nothing remarkable about that. However, as I read the Bible and became more acquainted with the history of Christianity, it struck me that Catholicism is the true faith. I couldn't reconcile my (former) club's fan's attitude towards Rome with my religious beliefs, and I could never support Celtic. I've never liked Partick Thistle. Then it occurred to me - there's one senior club in Scotland, nay the whole of the British Isles, named after a saint*, and the rest is history. Following St. Mirren for the last few years has been far more rewarding and enjoyable than watching Rangers ever was, despite having seen the latter win numerous league titles and cups, plus I can usually get tickets for away games and it's cheaper, too. We're now fan owned, and I'm proud to have contributed financially towards that end. Incidentally, I don't get angered by Orange parades and no genuine Catholic should (Matthew 5:43-48). I also appreciate that most of you will think I'm some sort of superstitious loon - "fancy believing in aw that pish!" - and that's your prerogative. I look forward to our games against you this season. Good luck on Thursday, I'll be watching on Premier Sports, and cheering you on - I want all the Scottish teams to do well in Europe. *There's no saint called Johnstone, btw.
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