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  1. Friday night so I will be having: Guinness and Tesco Special Reserve whisky.
  2. A mantra that led to you paying well over the odds for a clapped-out Capri.
  3. Look at the beak on that. You're an absolute embarrassment, love. 4/10
  4. My favourite colour is red because it is the colour AFC play in. What is your favourite colour? Why is it your favourite colour?
  5. What a great thread - thank you for all the responses and I look forward to even more coming in.
  6. What car do you have? I have a 65 plate Vauxhall Astra.
  7. Looks like Big Max Verstappen is going to retain the title at a canter.
  8. JumboJET


    What is your favourite way to cook an egg? Mine is scrambled. (See pic below)
  9. You can slag BB (big bono) off, but U2 were great in the 80s
  10. Ross McCrorie? More like, Ross McHunrie.
  11. JumboJET

    Pet Hates

    Okay. Where did you buy it from?
  12. I have officially recovered from Coronavirus so I'm having a few Guinness and whiskys to celebrate.
  13. Cormack gets five more appointments before his card is permanently marked. Not off to a good start Mr (Dave) Cormack!
  14. On what planet has Ruth been decent? Uranus? Because it ain't planet Earth!
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