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  1. Agree. Cormack is ultimately to blame as his appointments are dreadful. Gunn appointment is probably even worse than Glass.
  2. Gunn needs to be replaced. It’s a key role and it needs an experienced person in it
  3. Cormack, Gunn and Glass are all out of their depth here. Only debate is which one is worst?
  4. Completely and utterly unqualified to do the job. If you want a Barrister you don’t just employ the keen lad who runs about collecting the papers, you employ a Barrister. At Aberdeen we decided we needed a DOF and appointed the nice chap who was good at admin. Absolutely ridiculous. Get someone qualified in to do the job.
  5. It is utterly ridiculous that we are choosing to sign a player who is unproven at Celtic and we have no option to make permanent. While Christie was not in my opinion a great deal at least he was proven at a decent level. This seems utter madness and completely fails to read the room. Aberden do not exist to develop Celtic youngsters. The DOF has recruitment and the manager reporting to him, so in some ways the buck stops with him. Gunn seems completely unqualified for the role he is in and should be replaced with a proper DOF if we have to have one. Someone then properly qualified could assess if Mowbray and Glass are up to it. I suspect they are not but I see no way that Gunn could possibly know. I am sure he is a nice guy and works hard but what qualification does he have to be DOF?
  6. Yeah fair point - over riding feeling is a loan and no right to make it permanent feels fundamentally a flawed plan.
  7. Completely agree. The McCrorie deal was OK as it had a clear deal we could buy. Christie one was always flawed. Ironic of course that if Celtic had bought McGinn that Christie would have been here permanently. If we had insisted it was a loan to buy in 1st place it would have still been ok. Of course Celtic may not have accepted that at the time. Johnston is 22 with 51 appearances, mainly off the bench, a loan with option to buy would maybe be Ok but a straight loan is not good business.
  8. I am quite sure you are just on the wind up, but points 1 and 2 are incorrect. Plenty of interest in Campbell and Lewis does not wish to leave, hence why he recently bought a new house.
  9. I am more of a viewer here but feel I need to point out that his is complete and utter rubbish and is just completely untrue. He was out of form but nothing to do with Brown coming in and was quite happy to hand that duty over. This aside, I would question if Clark is an upgrade and if goalkeeper is really a position that needs urgent attention. His kicking may not be amazing but his main job is to keep it out which in general he does quite well. I would rather see us concentrating our efforts higher up the pitch.
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