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  1. Colours of the badge on the away should obviously be the other way round. Looks like patchwork.
  2. Going to Pittodrie is usually grim even for dyed in the wool fans and season ticket holders. A fully enclosed new stadium and comfortable, enjoyable experience for all types of cunts should increase crowds miles beyond anything we currently get. Obviously not identical in terms of tourists and population but look at the new market of cunts that have appeared at West Ham, Tottenham and Arsenal. It would seem silly to build 16,000 although undoubtedly always full. Think the real reason is they don't see more seated capacity as worthwhile income vs cost of building. Dwarfed by hospitality. And with sold out season tickets, easily able to increase the price (although they say they won't, they will) say 10% and cover smaller capacity.
  3. Loads of our support pine for Tynecastle, which on 3 sides has steep stands, relatively small half exposed concourses and nothing else. Many calling it the best stadium in Scotland. Why the focus on how things look and spending £100m?
  4. Can you summarise anything interesting. The Cormack interview was unlistenable, from both of them.
  5. Watching the huns on tv lose or concede gives me considerable pleasure. Celtic too.
  6. Miller played for his school and two boys clubs on weekends and signed for Aberdeen to get out of Glasgow.
  7. He’s meant to be a professional footballer for Aberdeen, not an active hun fan supporter. The two cannot coexist.
  8. 1916-17. There was no automatic relegation to Division Two until 1921-22 and we withdrew from the league because of travelling difficulties, then came back in Division One.
  9. Thankfully the guy taking the video points him out and names him for us.
  10. Saved by league reconstruction in any case. Bit of a joke to be proudly never relegated when we’ve finished bottom twice.
  11. This. I mean it would be even worse if he was supporting one of their main players. But the reserve keeper, just an excuse to support the Huns.
  12. If you look at the teams that lined up in our 5 semis and finals against Celtic, and swapped McInnes and Rodgers, I'd still give us 10% chance of winning. What was he supposed to do? Was nothing to do with belief or tactics.
  13. Probably the biggest underachievers. Having the third biggest budget in one of the shittest leagues in memory, investing £2m extra with a 26 man squad at the start of the season including the Celtic captain, and finishing with the same points as McGhee, is unbelievable. I think we could have hired the manager of any team in the Scotland and not done as badly.
  14. Effectively says style of play criticisms were a load of shite and most of his teams were good, that we didn’t play long ball with McLean, Christie, Hayes, McGinn, Jack etc. Sort of inferred Cormack, Glass and managers throughout the country are naive and the club shouldn’t have come out with the we’re going to play this way stuff. You can’t keep playing a certain way and doing nothing about it if you’re getting scudded every week. Says he developed players because look at where the ones we lost have gone on to. Says we were unfortunate to be good when Celtic had Rodgers, stopped us winning another trophy. Points out we had 38 points at halfway last season when Hearts had 33 this season, and they are lauded, but he was being slaughtered by our fans while in 3rd, it wasn’t enough anymore. Points out the players we lost through transfers or injury. He identified signings but wasn’t backed, is sure we’d have been 3rd had he got them. Says we were bringing in millions through our consistency and basically look at us now. Signed Flood after watching him run the game against us the game before he became manager, while Doc was down watching Robson. Had various job offers immediately after leaving us but didn’t want them. Applied for Ipswich job but didn’t get it.
  15. But he also says he learned a lot from Stephen Glass, which would be strange unless it was how to concede every game.
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