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  1. Hasn't delivered on countless things he said he was going to do on and off the field. No improvement in any area. 1/10.
  2. Funny thing is how confident Glass was in Gurr. It shows his judgement of players is abysmal. Please do not let him get to the January window.
  3. Now you see why I would have taken defeat against Hibs. Any short term victories are prolonging the agony of this mental appointment.
  4. 16 clean sheets in 32 league games before the sacking last season. That's why we were where we were in the league. 2 in 18 since Glass came in. It's not a coincidence. He obviously doesn't drill or manage them correctly. He and we are never going to be successful.
  5. Dave Cormack signed him when he thought he knew everything about football.
  6. It makes no sense. This is virtually a continuation of the form that got the previous manager sacked but Cormack goes on radio to justify that sacking and says shouldn't Aberdeen fans want more.
  7. It’s depressing. The whole club and fans seem to have lost any sort of winning mentality and urgency. We’re near the bottom of the table and nobody gives a fuck.
  8. Away pubs have been properly dead for years and couldn’t get much quieter. Women and children galore.
  9. I should rephrase. He won’t be sacked for finishing 5th or 6th while the last one was guaranteed 4th.
  10. Talk of relegation is setting the bar so low that mid-table is being viewed a success and building towards something. Last season we were 3rd till our total collapse, guaranteed 4th, and everyone was complaining every week.
  11. Who are they and have they shown we're any good at defending with them?
  12. Was there a silence before this game? Why is our manager the only person in the stadium wearing a poppy?
  13. The huge lowering of expectations and excuse book this season is something else.
  14. For one, we turned down 2000 away fans over 2 games which is over £50,000. We didn’t sell them tickets never mind ‘likely to turn up’. There’s only around 40 gates including the away end nearly all of which are 2 directly next to each other. Other grounds don’t have one checker per gate. No idea where you’re getting 6 hours from for a checker and £15 is the outsourced standard. £2000 a game absolute tops. As others have said it’s likely existing stewards would fill some of those checker roles too. We probably won’t need to limit away tickets or do checks any time soon. The club should be asking why 4000 ticket holders aren’t turning up though. Obviously not because of vaccine passports.
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