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  1. Rob Wicks saying another couple of signings still to be made.....
  2. McKay's Premiership goalscoring record, I think, is second only to Griffiths. Not the type of signing we'd make though.
  3. Billy McKay off to Caley Thistle again, he might have been a good option for us, proven scorer on minimal expenditure.
  4. Gordon Patterson Hendry Hanley Tierney Robertson McGinn Gilmour McTominay Fraser Adams
  5. Should we be concerned that we have no players in that squad?
  6. If the United cup match was a look into the future with a defensive high line then we need some pace back there for sure, not sure Gallagher has that much pace? Speedy full backs a must.
  7. I guess Logan is looking for the reactions, I’d have thought he’d have plumbing to be doing
  8. Dunno how to screenshot on here but Shay Logan not impressed with Scott Brown on Twitter, if he's still on our payroll I'd be fining him heavily.
  9. Big Syd saying his cheerios to fans in the Netherlands today, time for the next step he says……
  10. Former Celtic strikers son
  11. Sydney van Hooijdonk being linked to us elsewhere
  12. In terms of the balance of the team, how would you see him fitting in?
  13. Glass is apparently over in America just now, tying up deals for Gurr and Ramirez it would seem.
  14. I didn't see anything of promise in an Aberdeen shirt from Ethan Ross, Ngwenya was the fall guy from the Dingwall fiasco in January and subsequently saw his chances of being involved disappear while Ruth hasn't had much of a chance at first team level, think he did well during a loan spell at Arbroath though.
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