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  1. Ikpeazu, ex Hearts, been told he’s free to leave Middlesbrough, weren’t we interested in him before he went to Boro?
  2. Atlanta have acquired two spaces on their roster for international transfers, maybe coincidence….
  3. Not convinced he would cope with the physicality here, good player from what I’ve seen though
  4. Heard Evan Towler was Cove bound on loan until McKenzie injury
  5. Wonder if we’d be in for Darragh Burns. Wide attacking midfielder, probably the best prospect in Ireland right now, contract is up in November. Another Young up and coming prospect.
  6. Where is Miovski going to be best deployed? He can play as a CF, a ‘10’ and as a winger. Provides more assists than goals I think
  7. Saturdays match will be streamed live: https://play.spiideo.com/games/1a3e9bf7-cfd5-4201-9693-0f2a5314fa1e?fbclid=IwAR3nvA7cIXuQcxDacOTHuY_Y_bvmYIsMhL9X-IpIcZ9428UF9Xv7GL_JMwk
  8. Any budget we may have set aside for signing him outright can now be spunked elsewhere, that’s about as positive as I can be
  9. Lewis McLennan Bates Gallagher McKenzie Polvara McCrorie Barron Besuijen Watkins Hayes Others: Woods, Ngwenya, Towler, Duncan, Kennedy, Ramirez Got to be a chance we end up with egg on our faces here?
  10. Heard the big Noggy has agreed to sign but it won’t happen until end of next month.
  11. Hopefully the Norwegian journalists can find out what is happening post match
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