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  1. Never a foul and at least one player offside from the free kick
  2. I’d agree with Ojo not playing but Glass seems to be a big fan
  3. Lewis Ramsay McCrorie Bates McKenzie Brown Ferguson Hedges Jenks Ojo Ramirez Subs: Woods, Gallagher, McGeouch, Campbell, Polvara, McGinn, McLennan, Jet, Hayes
  4. We are unlikely to qualify for Europe which, given third is likely to get ECL group stage football as a minimum is a big financial blow. I think what has often held us back is the fact we are still making signings towards the end of August. Last year we signed both Bates and Watkins late in the window, from memory neither of them playing v Qarabag.
  5. Plenty scope this summer with at least half a dozen high earners out of contract. Maybe a new manager coming in would sharpen up our recruitment as well. I’d imagine it must be hard to keep everyone within such a bloated squad happy, McInnes used to run with a pretty small number but didn’t often have players sat in the stands. The extra subs will maybe help Glass a bit in that respect though.
  6. Reckon they must be happy enough with the squad? It’s all just a little bit meh, no real players that I can say I look forward to watching when seeing us play.
  7. 22 career goals in 8 seasons for Hedges at a lower level than EPL would suggest he’d struggle at that level
  8. Ritchie is currently out on loan
  9. Would be a fair right off on the Joe Lewis contract, two and a half years remaining I think.
  10. Will he be here and signed before Tuesday?
  11. Youngsters play Celtic at Cormack Park on Friday night, 1800 ko
  12. I wouldn't be getting too excited if I was a Hibs fan looking at their business so far this window.
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