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  1. One of, if not the, highest paid player at the club according to an ex director.
  2. Was the RDS upper not meant to be closed this season or did I imagine that? Certainly open on Saturday.
  3. I wouldn't exclude him from criticism of recent performances, I'm not sure what role he is meant to be fulfilling, looks very much like the player that was struggling at Celtic for large parts of last season.
  4. A thousand times this, a player who can play in pockets of space behind our striker(s), someone like Peter Pawlett or even Scott Allan
  5. No better than McLennan from what I’ve seen. In fact I’d be disappointed if the likes of Ryan Duncan wasn’t better.
  6. Scott Brown was a waste of a jersey as well today, not really sure what his role was. So many problems throughout the team. Interesting that Jenks was coming on ahead of Longstaff before Bates got injured.
  7. I think Ferguson is wasted playing in a deeper midfield position, think he's far better if he can get on the ball in the oppositions final third.
  8. Sky didn't even broadcast live all of the 48 games that they purchased for last season.
  9. Because he has been an ever present in a defence that has looked less than watertight all season.
  10. Do you think there is scope for improvement with Woods? Otherwise we have Lewis until 2024, have to hope he finds the form of his earlier career at Aberdeen. Tom Ritchie and Blessing Oluyemi are both still very young goalkeepers, hopefully they can continue to improve and push for a first team place.
  11. Is Joe Lewis under any threat? I realise that he's club captain but he's been a big part of a team that has kept just the one clean sheet this season. I'm not convinced Gary Woods is much better, possibly not as good a shot-stopper but better with the ball at his feet.
  12. Ramsay was on the first team bench in August 2019 so he was already highly thought of even then.
  13. Ramsay has done well, makes the signing of Hernandez all the more baffling and concerning, surely the club knew 18 months ago that Ramsay had a chance of breaking through.
  14. The beginning of our decline can almost be pinpointed to us moving into Cormack Park.
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