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  1. Saturdays match will be streamed live: https://play.spiideo.com/games/1a3e9bf7-cfd5-4201-9693-0f2a5314fa1e?fbclid=IwAR3nvA7cIXuQcxDacOTHuY_Y_bvmYIsMhL9X-IpIcZ9428UF9Xv7GL_JMwk
  2. Any budget we may have set aside for signing him outright can now be spunked elsewhere, that’s about as positive as I can be
  3. Lewis McLennan Bates Gallagher McKenzie Polvara McCrorie Barron Besuijen Watkins Hayes Others: Woods, Ngwenya, Towler, Duncan, Kennedy, Ramirez Got to be a chance we end up with egg on our faces here?
  4. Heard the big Noggy has agreed to sign but it won’t happen until end of next month.
  5. Hopefully the Norwegian journalists can find out what is happening post match
  6. Norwegian journalist I heard on RTG podcast seemed to say he might not move until August when their transfer window opens.
  7. Now saying final fee is £6.5 million
  8. Officially announced, £6.5 million initially according to Sky Sports
  9. I’d be pissed off if this boy can get him fit in 10 weeks when our medics couldn’t do it in three years
  10. Cracking interview on YouTube with Devlin. Says he’s now fully fit after working with a mate of Scott McKenna. Going in to start pre season with a club he didn’t name next week. Spoke very fondly of his time at Aberdeen, high praise for McInnes, Glass and Goodwin.
  11. Has the ship sailed on us signing PCA’s with players? Usually one or two of them announced towards the end of the previous season or soon after it finishes.
  12. Aye probably Ngwenya, forgot about him
  13. Who is the black guy at training?
  14. Strange comment from Goodwin to say that Dean Campbell ‘has come back in great shape for pre season training’ - training started this morning and Dean was at Stevenage today
  15. Was the same last summer, expect an article and maybe some photos to appear around 21.00 tonight
  16. A full and uninterrupted pre season and we will see Watkins in full flow
  17. What do you think the style of play will be? I was trying to work it out for those last dozen games of last season….
  18. I wouldn’t replace Clarke with McInnes, only way I’d change it is if Moyes becomes available
  19. Is that the best bollocks you can make up?
  20. So, as it is, with Ramadani unlikely to be joining up straight away, it’s looking like we might start pre season with a poorer squad than the one that took us to 10th last season. Not ideal. Hoping once teams get back training, particularly English ones towards the end of the month, things might progress a bit quicker.
  21. That article is piss poor, Genk watched Barron as the under 21 match happened in their stadium. Insightful stuff as always
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