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  1. game was there for the taking for a long time, we've not done anywhere near enough to win it though...sadly
  2. not our most dynamic of performances....haven't looked like scoring all night
  3. could end up losing this one 2/3 nil if this insipidness continues
  4. Need more from us upfront in the 2nd half, in some respects this game is there for the taking
  5. Back to the usual pish....impotent up front as usual Longstaff can naff off back to Newcastle... Not helped by that ridiculous sending off decision... Depressing performance and result
  6. Well, that advantage didn't last long....setting a new precedent now...run on to the pitch, assault a player and get them sent off....well done Madden
  7. What are the odds on Ojo getting a 2nd yellow tonight
  8. FFS, managed to hold them at bay for a miserly 4 minutes after going 2 up
  9. I'm not getting excited until the 4th goes in
  10. 3-1 Aberdeen, they will score first but some Glasstastic tactics will see things turn around 2nd half.
  11. St Mirren players falling over at every opportunity
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