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  1. Certainly if he had a blade!
  2. Yes, but the line is fine. Daily anxiety over nothing clear is a disorder. Feeling nervous about an exam is normal.
  3. I wasn't as shite as that! Compares to my good mates, very shite. There were definitely a few obese kids further down the line from me.
  4. No, but it happening consistently, and you having little control over it, can lead to a problem. "Anxiety" is something that's overused, especially it appears with school kids. I was nervous as fuck every day at school for no reason, but I didn't voice it, I think it's good that kids can say if they feel that way. But, it appears it's went too much to the other side, where any time a kid feels "nervous" any time at all, they chalk it up to "anxiety." There's a balance to be had.
  5. You'd make a quality Tory MP
  6. Why would they give you add ons for a player they are getting in June? 350k-450k would see hearts bite.
  7. Some people don't have the tools to be "resilient." And that can be to plenty factors. I don't get this attitude of, 'well I went through some shit and I'm alright so everyone else should go through some shit and they'll be alright.' It's that "I'm alright jack" crap in some form.
  8. But you're saying it's an "obsession." Which infers its getting needless focus? Ive said before, the biggest killer of blokes under 50 is suicide. That's insane, it's not always been that way. There are fundamental issues within our society that are leading folk to escape with drugs, booze, porn or whatever it might be. To blame the things above as the individual and sole contributors, rather than the means to the ends of those struggling, is oversimplifying a complex problem. People aren't happy, they are looking to escape. Why is that?
  9. We can't make players sign for us. We've also got a hefty wage Bill still of bit part players. Partly DMs fault and partly Glassys. Our squad is a state, I'd rather trim the fat, Ojo, McGeouch, Devlin, McGinn, Gurr etc than simply panic buy players to appease fans.
  10. But what is mental resilience? It's not an absolute, measurable thing. Everyone will have a different barometer. Maybe young folk are showing mental fortitude in ways you can't comprehend, being 2 generations older or whatever. Are you saying people should allow bad things to happen to their kids, or make bad things happen to their kids, as some sort of life lesson? A parents number one instinct is to protect their child, no?
  11. Just think you might be neglecting some of your kids needs if you simplify things as succinctly as that. And I feel bad for them.
  12. Same for me and all my mates. It's a total nonsense that people are that different. I mind leaving a trail of pink spew from the front door to my bed, and you're fucking best believing I was bent down cleaning it up as soon as I woke up with heaps of nipping in my ear. Yet, I'm often accused of being part of this wussy, young generation? I feel like folk aren't happy unless kids/young people are totally miserable because they were at that age. Its fucked.
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