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  1. Few Guinness around Dundee town. Some poppers too (for my asshole) Narcotics en route
  2. Tribe Called Quest- Find A Way Tell me you don't groove to that and you're a liar!
  3. He didn't like the scratching remember
  4. She's never ride a hun. Her old man raised her on rebel songs. #UTR
  5. Try Drake- Lemon Pepper Freestyle
  6. When you go to the Indian do you get a Korma? When you shag your bird is it just missionary?
  7. Personally, I grew up liking Drake. With every year that passes, I find him more and more cringe.
  8. My favourite Drake song is probably a little ditty called "Pound Cake" Featuring a certain Jay-Z. Two incredibly wealthy men talking about, well, how wealthy they are. How's that for a communist!?
  9. Hair is away to be let down Missus is in Glasgow so no riding mind
  10. I take the point re REM But as a man in his 30's you should've stopped listening to Drake many moons ago. The odd single here and there, catchy. Listening to full albums? To fuck.
  11. Shut up you lickspittle Tory idiot The likes of you should be lined up and shot A waste of a human brain
  12. 2 X Guinness at Molly Malones. Bus to Dundee. Then see what takes my funcy.
  13. You like Rimming English Men? Whatever floats your boat
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