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  1. Think if Ferguson is going it’s to the championship at the minimum. He has aspirations to play in premiership in England but it’s determined by any club bidding ofcourse. And possibly Italian serie A. Persionally I hope he doesn’t leave & stays at least 1 more season.
  2. I’d put John Brown above him, if you Google dirty hun cunt I’m sure his ugly mug will appear.
  3. Fuck all huns period. Orrible cavedwelling, knuckledragging inbred orc cunts!
  4. Gallagher wanted by st midden, would be a few involved for sure…..more money to buy players. Reckon Hladky, McGrath & Ronan plus another striker & we are battle ready!
  5. Which means him & Ross won’t be attending anymore hun games then.
  6. Well after 284 pages of pant pissing & name calling the team looks to be taking shape, I’m fully expecting a few more yet. Bring on the season, the dandies are back min!
  7. Decent looking team that to be fair, no ginger ramos though think there’s still more to come. Im happy with miovski signing & all signings so far. well done the club on getting the deals done. We never had any doubts
  8. It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it, that’s what gets results.
  9. I’m liking what I’m hearing about Stewart from Wycombe, could be an excellent signing alongside the ginger ramos. bid been accepted for Norwegian guy as well.
  10. Loan signing canny be fucked wi them. I want players signed up & committed. Scales has a good season & tims will just up the ante or say thanks & he will be a 1st team regular for them.
  11. Reckon guy from Blackburn Jacob Davenport gonna happen as well as Connor Ronan & McGrath & guy from Wycombe along with scales from Tims
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